Try Other SEO Holiday Strategies


1 Try Other SEO Holiday Strategies1.1 1. 1.Update Product Descriptions for the Holidays1.2 2. 2. Repurpose pages from last year.1.3 3. Do not forget about local SEO. Try Other SEO Holiday Strategies These holiday SEO tips will make you feel like you are […]

Try Other SEO Holiday Strategies

These holiday SEO tips will make you feel like you are still craving a delicious dessert after all the holiday marketing strategies. These tips are small enough to be digestible, but they won’t make you hungry for traffic!

1. 1.Update Product Descriptions for the Holidays

It is well-known that product descriptions on ecommerce websites have an impact on conversion rates. Your copy should be filled with holiday-themed emotions. This will allow shoppers to visualize the joy that your product can bring them and their loved ones.

How can you make your copy fun and persuasive? According to the Yale Attitude change model, people respond more positively to persuasive claims if they trust their’messenger’ as well as believe in the truthfulness of their words.

This means that all of your marketing messages should focus on two things.

  • Source the right expertise and philosophy relevant to the product.
  • As a backup, provide solid evidence.

2. 2. Repurpose pages from last year.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are gone. The original URLs are still saved in your admin panel. Re-use pages from last year instead of creating another duplicate page.

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This not only saves time, but also provides SEO benefits.

Instead of ranking a page with lower page authority and few backlinks, you would re-optimize an existing asset. The best part? The best part? You can repeat this trick next year to increase the benefits.

You can set up a redirect to 301 if you want to change the URL structure to /blackfriday2019/ instead of /blackfriday/.

3. Do not forget about local SEO.

Ecommerce has made it easy to forget the local customers your brick-and mortar location can serve. Although most holiday shoppers will shop online, there are some who prefer to shop in-store.

You can convert local traffic to online visitors by:

  • Optimizing and updating your Google My Business profile
  • Local content marketing resources
  • Acquiring press coverage through community publishers
  • Advertising other delivery options — BOPIS curbside pick ups
  • To be included in the Google Shopping “nearby” filter results, you should regularly update your inventory.

SEO can be tricky for small businesses, especially if they are local.

Prioritize keyword research to increase your chances of getting to the top of the SERPs. Long-tail keywords are often overlooked by larger competitors. You can capture top-of the-funnel prospects by providing them with engaging, educational and fun content that will help them make the best decisions. You can prepare landing pages for Cyber Monday and Black Friday ahead of time. Optimize them around keywords, industry news and sources.

You’ll be a success in the holiday season if you combine your SEO efforts with other marketing strategies.

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