Top 10 things to do in barcelona


1 Barcelona Fontaine1.1 The Sagrada Familia1.2 Santa Maria del Mar1.3 Rambla1.4 Park Guell1.5 Barri Goti1.6 Montjuic1.7 The beach1.8 The statue of Columbus1.9 La Ribera1.10 Casa Mila Barcelona Fontaine One of the most famous cities in southern Europe is Barcelona. It is […]

Barcelona Fontaine

One of the most famous cities in southern Europe is Barcelona. It is a city rich in history and full of life. There is a lot to see, but the most popular sights can be found in this list. You can enjoy in Barcelona of many things and be surprised that it is tough to choose. Especially when you’re just a few days in Barcelona, it’s important to work strategically. So you can advance your visit plans, and you know which sites and monuments visited in Barcelona!

The Sagrada Familia

A massive cathedral of the hand of Gaudi. An architectural masterpiece that had its first stone was laid in 1883. Donations will cover the cost of construction; It is estimated that the construction in 2026 will be completed. It is an immense edifice, decorated with lovely details. We recommend you time, such a piece of architecture you eat rarely.

Santa Maria del Mar

This magnificent Gothic cathedral was built in the 14th century. The architecture of both the inside and outside of the very high level. The lack of abundant ornamentation creates a serene atmosphere in the cathedral.


The most famous street in Barcelona. A beautiful wide avenue flanked on both sides by large trees. There are a liveliness and shops, wineries and restaurants from an endless row. You can taste the Spanish atmosphere.

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Park Guell

Gaudi designed this park. It is now included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The park has the beautiful structure, and both the architecture and the landscaping is breathtaking. In the park you can not give your eyes a five-minute rest, behind every corner lurks a new surprise.

Barri Goti

Located in an area that used to have a negative reputation. Fortunately, this is passed. It is the oldest part of Barcelona. Here the Romans have founded the city Barca.


Along with Park Guell the most famous park in Barcelona. There you must visit because in addition to the plantings you can visit the Miro Museum and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

The beach

Ideal to come here to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of downtown. Maybe not the most beautiful beach along the Spanish coast, but definitely worth visiting.

The statue of Columbus

At the end of the Rambla is the 60m high statue of the famous explorer. The statue was inaugurated in 1888.

La Ribera

One of the older districts of Barcelona. Here you can quietly stroll in the numerous small streets. Do not forget to blow out one of the numerous bars.

Casa Mila

Perhaps less known than the Holy Family, yet another great example of the work of Gaudi. Magnificent is the undulating roof with original draped chimneys.

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