The Cost of Poor Food Hygiene


Across the planet, the cleanliness of hospitality companies is now a matter of public record. Prospective clients can check any of the listed companies throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and other nations at the touch of a button. […]

Across the planet, the cleanliness of hospitality companies is now a matter of public record. Prospective clients can check any of the listed companies throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and other nations at the touch of a button. If your establishment doesn’t meet the government criteria, you can be certain that fewer clients will be drawn to your venue.

Official inspections shouldn’t be a restaurant’s only concern — customers have their eyes out for offenses. By way of instance, a viral social networking video compelled a restaurant to close its doors once it captured the health inspector’s attention. With this growth in customer accessibility and awareness, institutions must learn how to eliminate the causes of poor food hygiene.

What’s food hygiene?

Most individuals know the basics of food safety. They know to cook foods thoroughly, refrigerate leftovers, and wash their hands after touching eggs or raw meat.

However, food hygiene in a restaurant involves a lot more than just these measures. Foodservice employees also need to be aware of:

  • Proper storage requirements: What should be refrigerated? When do certain items perish?
  • Cleanliness criteria: Does everyone wear the correct protective items? How can you prevent cross-contamination?
  • Cooking demands: Do you use a kitchen thermometer?
  • Serving Policies: How long can food sit until it reaches a diner? Would you reheat food from earlier in the day?

Food safety guidelines each state

Poor food hygiene is pricey

A Checkit report revealed the lasting damage poor scoring could inflict on hospitality companies unprepared for, or unfamiliar with, food hygiene laws. 61% of hospitality clients refuse to dine at a institution scoring 2 or below on the United Kingdom’s Food Service Administration hygiene score strategy.

But a lack of business is the least of your concerns when it comes to food security. The financial and reputational damage after food safety violations can be irreparable.

In 2015, Chipotle saw its quarterly profits fall by 44 percent following a spate of food poisoning scares, causing the whole company value being decreased by $11 billion. The company failed to recover its losses until 2019.

Jack in the Box was another series that resulted in national panic because of an E. coli outbreak, infecting over 700 individuals and killing four. Now, E. coli outbreaks occur and are handled effectively. At this moment, however, it wasn’t very well known at the moment, and diners were reluctant to return to Jack in the Box. For the next 18 months, the business dropped a reported $160 million due to decreased demand.

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Because of this, various United States agencies introduced sweeping changes to address the issue and prevent similar outbreaks. Numerous countries also updated their guidelines in the years to come, leading to the town of Los Angeles visiting a 13.1% reduction in hospital admissions from foodborne illnesses. This reveals an increased emphasis on food security can protect the public and shield hospitality companies against the negative consequences of poor food hygiene.


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The advantages of proper food security

What’s food hygiene’s function in your company? It needs to be an ever-present thought. By putting safety standards first and identifying the causes of poor food hygiene in your company, you can reap many vital advantages.

Social recognition

Few men and women walk into restaurants nowadays without checking online reviews. If customers see any causes of concern, including a review that somebody was ill after eating a meal, they’ll look elsewhere for food. Ensuring your food is safe will remove this risk.


Government certificate is mandatory for managing a restaurant in almost all areas. You’ll have to reduce many causes of poor food hygiene to keep in business.

But merely passing your certificate isn’t enough in case you would like unquestionable success. If your restaurant received a C or B rating, it demonstrates that there’s some room for improvement. And in areas where you must publicly exhibit your score, it may cause diners to second guess their plans.

How long are health certificates valid?

  • United Kingdom: A food security officer by a company’s local authority inspects a restaurant upon launching. The evaluation certificate will be valid until the next inspection, which can happen anytime between 6 months and two years
  • United States: Businesses must abide by their state’s terms. By way of instance, Florida restaurants need to contact the Department of Business & Professional Regulation, and the amount of validity differs with many kinds of companies
  • Canada: A Public Health Inspector issues a certificate when a restaurant opens, but the period between then and the next review varies by area. In Alberta, for instance, inspectors can run 1 to 3 tracking inspections annually
  • Australia and New Zealand: For exactly the very same reasons as the authorities listed above, companies earn a certificate upon launching. Continuing inspections happen from between 3 months to 2 years


Reduce legal costs/risks

As stated earlier, restaurants lose vast amounts of money as a result of improper food hygiene. While big chains may absorb these costs, small to moderate restaurants can go out of business after a suit. Even multi-million dollar institutions have closed their doors permanently because of lawsuits.

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Based on Katharine Vickery, spouse and major food lawyer at Eversheds LLP,”Quite tiny companies could now be fined thousands of pounds, instead of hundreds, and larger companies could be forced to pay millions in severe circumstances. When individuals are prosecuted, there’s also a greater prospect of custodial sentences being imposed for serious cases.”

A UK pub chef and director went to jail for falsifying records, putting hundreds in danger and possibly killing one person. The owners of the bar paid a 1.5 million fine due to their poor management. The staff should have committed a serious crime for the government to impose such heavy penalties, right? Well, an investigation revealed that the illnesses were because of turkey meat which wasn’t adequately cooked or not properly reheated.

Steps to remove the causes of poor food hygiene

From the aforementioned Checkit survey, 66 percent of respondents declared unclean premises are the principal reason for not returning to a hospitality enterprise. Even more telling, 75 percent of consumers said they’d not return to a restaurant which had endured a food hygiene incident.

So, how do companies guarantee a 5-star score will decorate their door? The best approach is to create a business culture devoted to ensuring just high-quality meals. Your workers will want to find that all leaders buy into the idea. Otherwise, employees might dismiss security practices and put the company in jeopardy.

Track inventory

There’s absolutely not any use in following the best cooking practices in case your stock doesn’t meet the standard. Expired food is a substantial cause of foodborne illnesses, and anybody should throw it away. Why then, are health inspectors routinely finding expired food in restaurants?

Businesses who successfully achieve very good feedback from the government agencies have rigorous management processes in place. Tracking inventory is part of this procedure. You need to have complete oversight of all items in stock.

Having a restaurant point of sale system, you are able to monitor what’s in stock and know when an item will perish. Taking stock is effortless, and making it part of your daily routine will guarantee all past due items never attain your visitors. Not only will this guarantee fresh ingredients, but it will also help your institution score greater during health inspections.

Keep your workspace clean

The health inspector should smile when walking into your kitchen. Even in case you’ve got a cramped, unorganized area, the supplies and surroundings can be completely sanitary.


Make sure all supplies meet commercial kitchen criteria. Your utensils, pots, pans, and other equipment must withstand the industrial cleaning procedure. If you use poor equipment, inspectors may think about them unsanitary. Make certain all items have the appropriate certifications, like the NSF mark, to demonstrate their commercial applications.

Rather than using paper cooking slides, your restaurant may put in a kitchen display system. With this addition, your employees will lessen their likelihood of contacting surfaces that are contaminated.


Promoting good hygiene amongst employees can also be crucial to limiting exposure. Anyone handling equipment or food must follow handwashing procedures. There’s absolutely not any room for mistake, and several restaurants receive citations for employees who don’t wash. Proper washing involves using antibacterial soap, scrubbing under the nails, and getting beneath the nails.

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Furthermore, all employees should appear to work healthy and in clean clothes. When an inspector sees a worker who appears sick, your restaurant may violate health codes.

Floors and surfaces

While you always want sanitary surfaces, you ought not risk contaminating your food in the procedure. Frequently, employees clean kitchen surfaces but leave substances behind this might leach onto the food.

The best way to clean surfaces is to implement the standard red bucket/green bucket system. Red buckets hold water and a rag for wiping debris away from a surface. Green buckets contain soap and a rag for sanitizing surfaces. Use these appropriately to ensure counters are clean and sanitary.

If you use chemicals like bleach to disinfect floors or other surfaces, ensure that your staff understands how to figure out the appropriate dilution ratios and how to apply the chemical. Using too much bleach can result in serious side effects, and using too small could leave surfaces unsanitary.

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Storage and cooking

Anyone working in a kitchen ought to be aware of the major causes of foodborne illnesses, particularly cross-contamination and undercooking.

When preparing vegetables and meats, a cook shouldn’t use the same utensils. If a chef uses the identical knife or cutting surface for uncooked poultry and fresh lettuce, bacteria in the chicken can taint the lettuce. Using separate food prep stations in the kitchen may prevent this contamination.

When it comes to cooking, temperature and time are very important to ensuring food security. These variables differ depending on the sort of food, so make sure your staff should assess the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety Charts. You can even print out these thermometer placement guidelines to prevent misunderstandings that could result in foodborne illnesses.

Food hygiene isn’t tricky to execute as long as you take some time to comprehend the dangers and adhere to the laws. Restaurants, takeaways, pubs, and cafes are responsible for serving food that is safe.

Instilling the value of good food hygiene on your staff will guard your client’s health and the reputation of your organization. It can allow you to reduce your risks, including multi-million dollar suits and other ramifications.

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