Shopping Carts: The Umpteenth Time’s The Charm


Title: Chris”Cartel” English Title: Director of Online Sales Businesses: HipHopNow, PetsRight, Ramco Worldwide URLs: (under construction), 1 Employed Miva Script initially2 osCommerce came next3 Storesprite came next4 Now it is Magento5 Pick a cart according to your company […]

Title: Chris”Cartel” English

Title: Director of Online Sales
Businesses: HipHopNow, PetsRight, Ramco Worldwide
URLs: (under construction),

Employed Miva Script initially

I initially had a hosting account with SimpleNet before Yahoo! bought it, and SimpleNet offered Miva Script like other companies offer PHP. Throughout the Miva Script forums, I met a man who programmed a custom shopping cart for me. I found an online store specializing in independent hip-hop CDs back in 1995 called HipHopNow (a play on the CDNOW title ). I used SalesGate to process my credit cards. SalesGate’s security was breached and its sensitive information compromised, so I transferred to Miva Merchant. Back then if you understood Miva Script you can go into alter the code and make modifications to the system in precisely the exact same way that you could on an open source project. Down the line Miva chose to shut its system, and that I believed it was time for me to proceed.”

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osCommerce came next

“My next shop was a music download shop made in osCommerce. The thing that really brought me to OSC has been its enormous support community. As soon as you learned the arrangement of it, it was simple to change, though time consuming since there’s absolutely no separation of code and images. If you wanted to make a picture change on a single page, you had to manually do it on all of the pages. There were template systems for OSC, but there was no guarantee your store would not break upon another update. I really like OSC and even developed a few music shop templates which I offered free of charge on the website, but the underlying code of OSC is just old and obsolete.”

Storesprite came next

“Finally I shut down that shop and began working on a pet shop, I didn’t feel like going through the trouble of changing every page in osCommerce, so I searched for another solution and came across storesprite. Storesprite gets the absolute easiest cart to personalize the look and feel of, but its payment systems and how it manages shipping are sort of limited.”

Now it is Magento

“I also run the online division of Ramco, which provides commercial components and accessories into the food service sector. This includes, but isn’t limited to, layout, upgrading its products and search engine optimization. Ramco is operating on Magento using a generic template. I needed to get this up and running to meet a deadline, so I have not done much in the way of customization beyond pictures. At the moment I am in the process of attempting to find out Magento inside and outside in order to enhance the Ramco site and migrate my forthcoming pet shop website to the platform.”

“My personal project,, is in the process of being created. It uses storesprite, but I have stopped adding products to it as I will migrate this shop over to Magento too. I am also contemplating another music-based venture, which will utilize Magento once it provides the ability to take care of downloadable products.”

“What really attracted me to Magento originally was that its default store was the best looking of any applications I’ve seen. Other things that attracted me were built in integration using Google Analytics and real time transport modules for UPS, UPS XML, FedEx, USPS and DHL, 1 page checkout, the ability to manage multiple product pictures with a zoom slider feature, abandoned shopping cart accounts, RSS feeds for new tags, importing products through XML or CSV files, the ability to manage sending to multiple addresses in one order and the host of search engine optimization options built into the program.”

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“But as much as I love Magento, it is not perfect. A few of the purposes of Magento appeared to be made by developers for developers, meaning everything isn’t quite as intuitive as it might be. Also, since it’s brand new the community isn’t yet as active as, say, with osCommerce, where questions get answered almost instantly. In addition, I think the documentation could also use a significant overhaul.”

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Pick a cart according to your company needs

“I picked each cart I’ve utilized by different standards. Miva Merchant was selected because I was already familiar with the scripting system and the community supporting it. OsCommerce was chosen due to the very active user community and the many extensions available for it. I utilized storesprite as it was the easiest to get up and running and to personalize. I chose Magento because there is nothing out there quite like it.”

“I have learned that you need to select your cart based on the way you see your business growth. I took over the Ramco job from a programmer who had created the first site with a small shopping cart script. Although this solution may have worked for a small firm with 10 to 20 products, Ramco had a solution that may eventually handle thousands and thousands of goods, and the initial software would simply not have the ability to cut it.”

“Do not get suckered into something underpowered, but it does not need to be the most expensive solution . Its need to be something you feel comfortable with that has the capability to grow with your organization.”

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“Migrating to a different platform is always a pain, and there is almost always no simple solution for it. I would suggest searching for a solution that is the least painful. Do your homework. Check the support forums of those firms, and see what issues people are having with the software and how fast their problems are solved. Check out live stores created with the software so that you can get an idea about what can be achieved.”