Must Visit place in kyoto japan


1 7 Must Visit in Kyoto1.1 1. Fushimi Inari Taisha1.2 2. Gion District en  Gion Corner1.3 3. Yumekoubou Maiko1.4 4. Kinkakuji1.5 5. Ginkakuji1.6 6. Nishiki Food Market1.7 7. Manga Museum 7 Must Visit in Kyoto Kyoto despite the hordes of tourists […]

Must Visit place in kyoto japan
Must Visit place in kyoto japan

7 Must Visit in Kyoto

Kyoto despite the hordes of tourists a wonderful city and anyway worth a visit! They have not only beautiful temples, unique shopping, relaxing walking trails, and of course geisha, but you will also find ancient Japan back (all you need here sometimes finding). But what are the must-visits in Kyoto? What we are concerned that the following places:

1. Fushimi Inari Taisha

I mentioned this place shortly in a previous article but punctually at No. 1 for me is the Fushimi Inari shrine. This particular shrine is very popular and foreign tourists especially known for some memorable scenes from the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. The shrine has been an important place for followers of Shinto and you will truly take you to another world. Provided you dare to climb at least.

The temple is namely on a mountain and you should also walk around 2-3 hours before you have really seen everything. However, it is well worth the effort and beats me what actually concerns all other temples and shrines of Kyoto.

2. Gion District en  Gion Corner

Although I Gion district itself somewhat over-rated think it is indeed very cool to walk through it, especially if your route goes to Gion Corner, a large entertainment centre mainly aimed at tourists. For ¥ 3.150 (about € 25, -) can you enjoy 45 minutes of various performances and cultural show pieces, including a real Maiko (apprentice geisha) dancing! I liked the fact the money indeed and double-cross it, but you should just keep in mind that it is a bit short and is aimed at tourists. Only the maiko dance made the visit worth it all, however, for me, because where else can you see and experience than Kyoto?

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3. Yumekoubou Maiko

If you have the money and it is sure to have a visit to the Yumekoubou Maiko Makeover studio in Kyoto a must visit! This is a professional studio that specialises in giving full maiko, geiko (geisha), oiran and Shinsengumi makeovers! Here you will be transformed into a maiko in an hour and you can depend on the package you choose to do a studio shoot and/or stroll through the Gion district where there is a picture of you at various locations.


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It’s not exactly cheap with prices of around € 85- € 185 (whichever you choose) but you get also a lot in return. And for those who think this is a tourist thing is wrong: 95% of all visitors are Japanese and is often done by friends, families with daughters, or models looking for unique portfolio shots. This gives you a real authentic experience, but they do not always speak English as well.

4. Kinkakuji

Quite frankly I doubted whether I this (and the next) had to add to my top 10 but given that the Kinkakuji is so iconic, I just could not leave him decently.

Why I still doubted the Golden Pavilion? Simply because I found him really disappointing. Perhaps my expectations were wrong or were it the huge amount of tourists who walked around but the magical feeling that I expected too were kept out. Nevertheless, should not be missing a visit, simply “because it belongs.”

5. Ginkakuji

If we call the Kinkaguji the Ginkakuji may of course not be missing. The Silver Pavilion is actually the little brother of the aforementioned but unlike its big brother not matching the (silver) colour. This nickname comes from the glare that the black paint gave earlier in the moonlight.

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Especially by the Japanese, this shrine “nicer” found over the Golden Pavilion as Ginkakuji longer meets wabi-sabi, the Japanese ideal of beauty crude imperfection. I myself give just prefer this shrine but that is mainly because there are fewer tourists around.

6. Nishiki Food Market

Just a little-tired culture? Kyoto also then provides more than enough to do. A nice place to walk through the Nishiki Food Market. A long covered corridor packed with all kinds of shops specialising in Japanese food. Of unique ingredients to special sweets and snacks weird, you coming variables against!

Are not such adventurous eater? Then just walk around there was already nice because you believe your eyes! The food is not only sold but re-en-der also in front of you cooked in the traditional way for you!

7. Manga Museum

A visit to the Manga Museum will by no means take anyone but fans of Japanese pop culture and comics should really just take off for a few hours to visit this extraordinary museum that you will only find in Kyoto!

This is not only a museum but also a kind place to read and relax manga. Almost all manga and magazines that you find there you go read spot in one of the reading corners, a random couch, chair, or relax outside on the grass.

The Manga Museum is, moreover, a 5-minute walk from Nishiki Food Market so there is easily combined with!

Which of these places would you most of all visits? Or what did you think yourself the most impressive places where you’ve been?

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