Mobile Marketing Strategies That Work: The Summer


Retail businesses have the best time of year to attract new customers in summer. Millions of people go on vacation every year, so there is more opportunity to spend than during regular work hours. Retailers have the opportunity to promote summertime fun […]

Retail businesses have the best time of year to attract new customers in summer. Millions of people go on vacation every year, so there is more opportunity to spend than during regular work hours. Retailers have the opportunity to promote summertime fun with discounts, sales, and promotions.

Many retailers are looking at mobile marketing campaigns to reach consumers as part of their strategy to target customers. People will spend more time outside of their offices and work environments and will rely heavily on their smartphones and mobile devices for connectivity and engagement. Mobile usage is expected to increase, and stores that use this channel in their marketing campaigns will be able to reach new customers and retain existing customers in the most efficient way possible.

The most popular product categories that are expected to make the biggest profits in the summer season include clothing, tourist items, souvenirs, outdoor entertainment, local goods, and tourism.

New offers launched to drive mobile-driven sales

If a retailer does not have a responsive website or a mobile app, they could be losing customers to their competition who are eager to grab summer market share. To encourage participation and increase mobile traffic, several top brands have launched summer-specific incentives and offers for mobile users. 7-Eleven, for example, launched a multichannel campaign that combined SMS, mWeb and social media to increase in-store traffic. As a way of connecting and building mind share, the strategy is to create themed campaigns that engage consumers in vacation mode.

Use your social media channels to increase sales

Mobile social media integration allows users to share their summer memories quickly. Brands may see an increase in sales if they share a portion of their products or offers. Social media sharing of summer content has been a reliable way for brands and stores to engage and acquire customers. The most recent social sharing opportunity, “Share A Coke,” allows fans to scan the lyrics on bottles and record a video to share via social media.

83% of consumers believe that family and friends are more trustworthy than advertising. 83% of consumers say they trust family and friends more than any other form of advertising.

Connect offers with current trends and customer demographic

Personalizing messages increases app openings, purchases, and other conversions by 27% You can connect with your customers by associating your offers to the most recent trends and events. It is now possible to create mobile moments that are tailored to different types of customers, based on their demographics, event interests and preferences. This makes it more personal. Brands will offer promotions on red, blue and white products during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Brazil.

Mobile strategies should be integrated with traditional marketing. Retailers who fly banners at the beach should change their messaging to include calls to actions that direct beachgoers towards a particular code to receive additional promotions. Marketers will be able create more relevant content that is more effective by staying on the pulse of consumers’ interests.

Focus your marketing efforts by using time and geographic location

It’s no surprise that tourists flock to tourist attractions during summer. Your marketing efforts should be concentrated on the one that is most popular in the summer. One store may be near a beach or lake, while the other one might be closer to the center of the city. If your store is located in a tourist area, you can boost your marketing efforts during this time of the year.

It is not only important to consider where you are located, but it is also crucial to think about the best time of day to focus your mobile marketing. It is more likely that people will go on vacation than stay at their desks during the summer. Children will also be absent from school. This means mobile marketing campaigns can be extended beyond the typical workweek hours.


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Timing: Everything

When planning your marketing strategies, think about the timing. You should make sure the promotions that you send out are appropriate for the summer. You won’t send coupons for water parks or swimwear discounts in August. People are usually wrapping up their summer and getting ready for school. With more than half of shoppers shopping for back-to-school items using their smartphones to compare prices, check inventory availability and find directions, it is the second most popular shopping season. Parents are often too busy to use their smartphones to find the best deals. This is where retailers can help by providing timely promotions, customized coupons, and targeted updates directly to their mobile devices.

Brands who think strategically about mobile in the summer will have higher customer engagement, stronger customer connections and greater sales by the end of the season.

Amazon Protects Your Brand

Scott Margolius, creator of the product research tool INDBL as well as an online retailer consultant with Feedback Repair, says that everyone wants to grow or start and protect their Amazon revenues stream. Any seller can create their own product list. So that customers can see exactly what you are selling, you must provide details about the products such as their size, weight, color and packaging. It’s easy enough. Your product listings can be edited by other companies if you don’t have a Brand Registry.

Margolius says, “Let’s suppose another seller offers a similar product.” They can edit your listing to match what they sell. There are now two sellers selling slightly different products under the exact same description. A shopper could make a purchase based on the description written by another seller. This could cause problems for you and your product. The other seller may have changed your listing. Consumers won’t know, they will only notice that the product they received is not the same as the one they bought.

Amazon’s Brand Registry allows authorized resellers and manufacturers to keep control of their product listings. This helps to avoid problems. Margolius says, “If you have a brand registry that creates a product list and a product listing, no other seller is allowed to change it.” It will save you lots of headaches in the future, and it is not only that. Wholesale sellers of products are prone to allow their product to go unrestrained on Amazon. This is common among brand owners and manufacturers. There are many listings with incorrect pricing. Negative reviews of listings that are not correct are what I see. If a brand owner allows this to happen, it hurts them as well as their sales. Amazon accounts for 60% of all online sales. Many consumers visit Amazon to research and read product reviews, even if they aren’t purchasing from Amazon. They search for your product, read the negative reviews, then try to find something else. Margolius says that it is important for retailers, brand owners and manufacturers to be protected.”

You can be a retailer on Amazon, other online retailers, brick and mortar, etc. Make sure that the suppliers you source from are registered on Amazon’s brand registry.

Pricing is one thing Amazon’s registry can’t control. Margolius says that manufacturers can set minimum prices for multiple reasons. It protects retailers and brands from being undervalued. It assures retailers that their prices will not be undercut by competitors. Amazon doesn’t care about minimum prices. Amazon’s goal, however, is to make end-consumers happy. Amazon doesn’t regulate pricing because low prices equal happy customers. The brand registry protects copyrights and trademarks and ensures product descriptions are accurate.


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