Markus’ job search tips: Finding a steady job after two years in IT studies


After two years of studying coding and project management, a job contract? Markus was fortunate enough to experience this. Markus has been with the company for five years, even though it’s only been one year since his graduation. He was promoted to a […]

After two years of studying coding and project management, a job contract? Markus was fortunate enough to experience this. Markus has been with the company for five years, even though it’s only been one year since his graduation. He was promoted to a managerial role this spring.

While IT is in high demand for veterans, active new talent can also be found positions within the sector. Markus Karppinen, 28, is an example of this. Although he has been with Solteq for many years, despite having just received a Bachelor’s in ICT from JAMK University of Applied Sciences last summer, he is still a valued employee.

Since autumn 2010, Markus, a media assistant in a photo studio, began his University of Applied Sciences studies. It has been a long road. Markus was an IT enthusiast all his life but coding and the profession were not something he knew when he started his studies in the field.

He enjoyed learning the basics in his first year of school. However, he specialized heavily in technical courses during the second year. This foundation gave him the confidence to apply for an internship in spring 2012.

“I applied for an internship but I was ultimately offered a summer job that would lead to a special career path. It was a relief that I didn’t have to become a professional to do the job. The importance of learning was stressed. That summer I had the opportunity to create e-commerce websites. In the fall, I signed a permanent employment contract for the same type of work. After two years of study, I was offered a job in the industry.

Markus worked on e-commerce websites for a while. It was time to do something new again after his team’s manager of project took on new duties. Markus then moved to architecture-related work for several years. Markus’ most recent change was his move to a managerial role.

“A few months back, my job title was changed to Service and Project manager. Since last year, I haven’t been actively coding. Instead, I manage and direct my team’s operations and serve as a customer contact. As an example, I help customers to develop their products, find the right people, technical solutions, and estimate the workload. Markus describes his job as a communication, problem-solving, listening, and developing role.

What is the Mission of Work and Study?

Many students are intimidated by the thought that a job might take up all of their time and may not graduate. It can be difficult to balance work and school. Markus’ studies took more time, but he didn’t give up on them.

“I have to be honest and say that my studies were always in the forefront of my full-time job for a very long time. However, I was determined to finish them because a degree is extremely important. There have been a few instances where the recruitment process was stalled due to a lack of a university education. I was able to get credits for many of the skills I had learned at work and eventually I forced myself into writing my thesis. So I graduated in the summer 2016.

IT companies require skilled workers so it is worth studying the field. Many students have the most in-depth knowledge of current technologies that professionals might not have the time or ability to learn because they are busy working. While there is a lot of competition for the best experts in this field, you can also improve your position by studying. It is important to get an internship in this field. Solteq has the goal of hiring most interns for “proper jobs.”


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Markus shares his 3 tips to help you prepare for your job search

What can you do to increase your chances of getting work while you are studying? These are some tips from Markus

  1. Make the most of your learning opportunity

It is crucial to take advantage of the opportunity to have an impact on your studies. It is important to not only be interested in the subjects you are studying, but also to venture out of your comfort zone while you study. I found that technical courses were always interesting, no matter how hard they seemed.

  1. Actively pursue projects

It is a great idea to be involved in programming projects with customers. This will help you in your job search. I was able to get good references and it helped me build my confidence in job hunting and actually starting work.

  1. Update your portfolio regularly

A portfolio of your achievements during your studies is also a good idea. Maybe on a website. Employers will be most interested in your portfolio.

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