Magento Search: Which Solution Should You Choose for 2022?


The most important part of an eCommerce website is search. Nearly 43% of customers immediately go to the search bar when they land on an eCommerce site. A website with a great design and navigation can be a strong selling point. […]

The most important part of an eCommerce website is search. Nearly 43% of customers immediately go to the search bar when they land on an eCommerce site.

A website with a great design and navigation can be a strong selling point. However, if the search results don’t match customer needs, it will not succeed in sales.

There are many Magento search extensions that can be used by Magento store owners. There are many Magento search extensions that offer different performance and features.

If you are interested in learning more about the top Magento search extensions, read the article.

Skip to the end of this article to see a video that explains key differences between the Magento search platforms.


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  • Performance and speed
  • Search features built-in
  • It’s nice to have these features
  • Available
  • Support for cross-platform

To find out more about the top Magento search extensions, please read this article.

Magento Search: Market Overview


There are many Magento search extensions available. Below is a list of the most requested solutions by our clients.

Native Magento Search

The underlying technology for native Magento search is Elasticsearch. This solution comes with all Magento versions. You can immediately use it. Is it true? The truth will be revealed later in this article.

Adobe Live Search

Adobe Live Search is the latest addition to the collection of Magento search plugins. It was released by the company in mid-2021 to replace the native solution.

The main problem is availability. Magento Open Source does not have an official Magento search extension. This search works only with Adobe Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce Cloud.


Klevu is a well-known name in the world of eCommerce search solutions for all versions of Magento. This Magento search offers many useful features and other integrations.


Algolia, a SaaS Magento Search using RESTful API, is well-known for its rich functionality and high performance. It can be used by store owners with either Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce. Algolia can be used on all pages of websites, even blogs, just like Klevu. This is one of the key differences between these solutions and search engines by Magento.

Magento Search Extension: Features Comparison

Each of the Magento searches are designed to offer seamless user experiences and help customers find the products they need. They offer different features and performance. Let’s look at a few metrics to compare the solutions: speed, advanced functionality and personalization.

Speed Magento search


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Search speed refers to the time it takes for a platform’s search engine to return results after customers have typed in their query. Slow Magento search results can lead to a decrease in customer experience and a higher bounce rate.

When searching for an eCommerce website, speed is the most important metric.

Magento Native Search was the slowest of all the options. It is an on-premise solution so your hosting can directly impact its speed. Native Magento Search takes up until a second in order to process a query to show results. It depends on the hosting used and how well it has been optimized by developers.

Adobe Live Search returns the fastest results, with 200ms or less. This is due to its multi-tenant SaaS architecture and the best hosting solutions such as AWS.

Klevuis based upon Solr, an open source search engine. It is hosted on AWS and OVH and Google. Klevu is slightly slower in terms of speed and takes about 350 milliseconds for any results to be delivered.

Algolia is known for its lightning-fast speed. The cloud-based system is lightweight and efficient and was created from the beginning. According to the company, it takes 70-100 milliseconds for a search query to be processed and delivered results to customers.

Are your customers going to notice the speed difference between these solutions?

Customers will notice a difference in Native Magento Search compared to any other solution. However, the speed difference between Live Search, Algolia and Klevu isn’t significant enough to affect customer experience. Your website runs very fast.

Typo-tolerance and Autocomplete


Users often make mistakes when typing a search query. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell them. An eCommerce search engine should correct misspellings automatically and make autocomplete requests in order to deliver relevant search results.

Magento Native Search has very limited capabilities. Magento developers are required to add the features you require. These limitations can lead to more time and cost-intensive customizations.

Adobe Live Search allows you to search as you type, speeding up your search experience. Merchants can use flexible synonyms to direct customers to the right products even if they don’t know exactly what they are looking for.

Algolia offers robust typo-tolerance capabilities and the ability to adjust the level of search tolerance. Consider, for example, that the majority of your customers use mobile devices. You might consider making your Magento search more flexible in this case. Typing on a smartphone can often increase the chances of typing mistakes. Algolia offers query suggestion and autocomplete features.

Klevu offers error tolerance and relevant results. The system dynamically generates synonyms for indexed content and automatically enriches its catalogues. Klevu compares search queries and displays search results.

Another feature is Search-as you-Type, which automatically suggests the first character of any characters users enter with recent or popular searches.

A search solution that includes an autocomplete feature, advanced typo-tolerance and advanced typo-tolerance can increase conversions by providing more relevant search results.

Cross-device functionality


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Mobile commerce is growing. mCommerce will account for around 72.9% in eCommerce sales this year. When choosing a Magento search, sellers need to pay attention its cross-device functionality.

You will need to modify Native Search and create cross-platform support. Adobe Live Search is mobile-responsive right out of the gate.

Klevu provides a more sophisticated search that supports a responsive web interface that can be used on all screen sizes. To enable a mobile-friendly layout, you only need to click one button.

Algolia offers client software and SDKs to support all front-ends. It also provides a responsive mobile browser interface. Functionality allows for the creation of quick and simple interfaces across all platforms.

Personalized experience


The next step in eCommerce is personalized shopping experiences, which merchants should have implemented long ago. A personalized experience is a recommendation of products based on search history and purchase history.

Native Magento Search is not able to boast any out-of-the box functionality. This requires custom coding, and possibly integration with a third party solution.

Adobe Live Search uses Adobe Sensei AI. Artificial Intelligence analyses every query to give shoppers the best results and speed up product discovery. Adobe offers AI-powered faceting so that merchants don’t have to manually set up filtering and faceting rules.

Klevu lets you show recently viewed or trending products that are related to your search history. These products are displayed in the form of a query suggestion, when the user clicks on the search bar. Customers can quickly see the most popular products and return to their most recent searches. These search results can be viewed across the entire website and are not tailored to any one customer.

Klevu also offers a Discovery Suite, which gives you the power of personalized recommendations at an additional cost. This system uses smart search, recommendations and category merchandising to provide the best product discovery experience.

Algolia adjusts search results dynamically to meet customer needs. The system considers clicks, product views, and conversions. Merchants have the option to use the standard configuration or to modify KPIs to achieve the best results.

Below is a table that compares all search options side-by side.

Native Magento Search Adobe Live Search Klevu Algolia
Speed As much as a second = 200 ms 350 ms 70-100 ms
Typo-tolerance + +
Autocomplete +/- + +
Cross-device support Responsiveness Responsiveness Responsiveness + SDKs
Personal experience AI-powered faceting Ask for suggestions on popular or recently viewed products Personalized search results (based upon search history, clicks, conversions, and search history)
Website pages Only for product pages Only for product pages Blog and product pages All pages on this website
Customizations Higher Higher Lower Lower
Supported platforms All Magento versions Adobe Commerce
Adobe Commerce Cloud
All Magento versions All Magento versions
Price No cost No cost N/A (per request) $1.00 per 1,000 search requests/mo + 1,000 Records
$1.50 for 1,000 Search Requests/mo+ 1000 Records

Magento Search: Which Solution Should You Choose?

Which Magento search solution is best for you?

It turns out that there is no one platform that suits all.

There are no winners or losers. The answer is dependent on many factors.

The native Magento search requires extensive custom coding. This can add up to additional costs. The slowness of the search results has been a major limitation, especially when multiple filters are applied at once.

Adobe Live Search comes with many features. Adobe Live Search is still in beta and will be improved over time to meet customer needs. We can’t forget to mention that it is only available for Adobe Commerce.

Algolia or Klevu can be powerful solutions that offer out-of-the box functionality. This solution can be confusing for developers.

Adobe’s native solution, Adobe Live Search, gives developers more customization options. This is something that third-party solutions lack. They have many powerful features built in, so you don’t need to spend any time or money customizing them.

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