Magento Commerce: New Features in Times of Limited Resources and Social Distancing


1 Magento Commerce: New Features in Times of Limited Resources and Social Distancing2 Magento 2.3.4: Building more engaging customer experiences2.1 Page Builder Enhancements2.2 Page Builder & PWA Studio Compatibility2.3 Adobe Stock Integration2.4 Chat powered by dotdigital2.5 Additional Updates Magento Commerce: […]

Magento Commerce: New Features in Times of Limited Resources and Social Distancing

COVID-19 disrupts lives and businesses all over the globe. A digital presence is essential for business owners facing the current challenges. It is more important than ever to have efficient and agile processes that enable merchants to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and adjust their strategies.

Business Acceleration Page was launched recently. It provides merchants with guidance, best practices and resources from all over our global ecosystem. This page will help them navigate these uncertain times and ensure their continued success. We are also introducing enhancements to Magento Commerce to enhance merchants’ security, performance, and allow them to offer unparalleled shopping experiences to customers. We continue to introduce new features to the market that will be invaluable in allowing merchants quick responses to rapidly changing conditions.

The latest Magento Commerce release delivers on this promise today by:

* Helping our customers drive more growth by putting powerful AI technology in their hands.We have integrated Adobe Sensei and our Product Recommendations feature to automate how Magento Commerce brands can offer more relevant experiences across all their storefronts. This new feature is detailed in our latest newsletter.Magento blog post.

* Page Builder Templates allow for more efficient content creation across multiple websites.Templates allow merchants to save content and layouts that they have already created, thereby reducing the time and effort required to create engaging content. Templates allow you to quickly create new pages and local sites, without the need to create every page from scratch.


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Page Builder Templates Interface

Businesses have increased communication to keep customers informed about business health and status. Templates allows merchants to quickly build a basic structure that is applicable to all brands. They can save it and then apply it to the appropriate region or make brand-specific changes. Read more about Page Builder’s latest improvements

* New version of the Amazon Sales Channel Extension is now available. It offers a quicker and easier onboarding process and features a refreshed UI that makes it easy to navigate across all stores.It’s faster than ever to connect your Magento store with Amazon Seller. You can also make strategic decisions by reviewing the performance of your Amazon stores.

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Amazon Sales Channel: New Store Dashboard

Amazon Sales Channel New Home Page Stores View

Magento 2.3.4: Building more engaging customer experiences

This was the US online retail market in 2010 , according to Forrester. eCommerce has seen a resurgence in the past 10 years, with sales reaching $650 billion last year. This is more than three times the growth of retail overall, and it has changed the way consumers buy from brands. B2B eCommerce has seen a rapid rise in that time frame, reaching $1.2 trillion by 2019.

Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.3.4 are now available to help merchants create more engaging customer experiences that exceed customers’ expectations, keep them coming back, and foster sustained growth.

Page Builder Enhancements

We’ve seen tremendous momentum since Page Creator was launched in Magento Commerce last march. We are happy to see customers dramatically increasing their ability to provide fresh content to customers. We are continuing to invest in content as a competitive advantage for merchants.

Merchants have complete control over how products are displayed in page content. You can sort products in Page Builder by product location in the category or by list of product SKUs. Or you can sort by predefined parameters such as name, price, stock status, etc. You can then showcase products either in static product grids, which highlight all products at once, or in image carsels, which feature matched products in rotating slides.

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Page Builder & PWA Studio Compatibility

We’ve seen incredible growth in the number of Progressive web App (PWA), Studio storefronts that are headless. PWA Studio provides a solid foundation for developers to build, deploy and maintain Magento-powered PWAs. We also aim to make PWAs more manageable for merchants.

The rendering of Page Builder content can now be done in PWA Studio’s Venia reference shopfront, giving marketers the ability to use Page Builder’s speed, creativity, and control over their PWA Studio-based storefronts.

“Editing content in Page Builder’s PWA Studio frontend is an important step on our journey to making PWAs a great solution. These two powerful features have been combined to allow speed to market on all devices and experience.
Jason Woosley is VP Commerce Product & Platform at Adobe

Marketers can now use Page Builder to create PWA Studio-based storefronts.

Adobe Stock Integration

Our small and medium-sized merchants found that most don’t create their own media assets, but rely on stock imagery. However, manual uploading assets can be slow and inefficient since there is no native access to image discovery.

Magento 2.3.4 has integrated Adobe Stock, so merchants can add media assets to their websites from the Magento admin. Magento’s unique integration with Adobe Stock allows merchants to simplify their creative process and streamline their workflow. This allows them to create visually appealing sites that are more professional and attractive.

To seamlessly navigate the entire Adobe Stock catalog, which contains millions of assets, click “Search Adobe Stock” in Media Gallery. To preview watermarked images within site content, you can license them with Adobe ID and programmatically replace any watermarked previews with the licensed copy.

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The combination of Adobe Stock and Magento was built with the support of the global Magento community. This integration is the first to use Creative Cloud and we are thrilled for this first step in tapping into the powerful suite Adobe creative tools. Beginning today, Magento merchants that renew existing licenses or activate new ones will be eligible for a special offer.Adobe Stock credits are available for free and can be used once only. If you meet these requirements and are interested in the program, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to find out more and start taking advantage of Adobe Stock’s vast library of assets.

Searchable interface in Magento Admin that allows you to preview, license and use stock assets within your website content.

Chat powered by dotdigital

Dotdigital was the first Vendor Bundled Extension with its code embedded into Magento Commerce 2.2.2. Dotdigital’s VBE has been enhanced with Chat as part of Magento Commerce 2.3.4.One agent is freeMerchants can get started. This feature is only available to Magento 2.3.4 merchants. It also marks the beginning of a new chapter in our relationship.

Chat agents are able to manage multiple conversations with prospects and customers efficiently. They can also send and receive files such as tickets, receipts or product images, demo videos or ticketing materials, as well as file transfers such as tickets, receipts or product images. Chat has the added advantage of allowing customers to be up-sold to another product (in the event that their favourite is out-of stock) or recommending products that are complementary to previous purchases.

Dotdigital Engagement Chat lets customers get in touch and get real-time answers. This removes any sales barriers and delivers exceptional customer service. Chat allows you to get answers in seconds and integrates into your website to increase revenue.

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Magento 202.3.4_chat

Communicate in real-time with customers to meet their expectations.

Additional Updates

Magento 2.3.4 also includes these new features in the latest release. It also offers updates and enhancements throughout the platform.

* PWA Studio 5.0.0PWA Studio’s latest update includes more tools than just compatibility with Page Builder. These new tools will help you get your project up and running faster and more efficiently.Talons” to make it simpler to use VeniaUI components. These changes are described in detail in thePWA Studio Release Notes.

* GraphQLWe continue to improve the ability of merchants to adopt a headless approach in storefront development. This release also includes improved GraphQL coverage. You can see the full changes on our website.GraphQL Release notes.

* Increased performancePerformance improvements have been made to many areas of the platform. This includes storefront performance by minimizing server requests. We have also optimized inventory management and B2B capabilities.

* Authorize.As we did with other payment options following the launch of, the core integration of has been removed.PSD2 Regulation by the EU. Use the official Marketplace payment integration.

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