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The GIF idea at the end of the previous post is a fantastic lead into the attractiveness of technology in regards to creating memorable customer experiences. In addition to the chance for customer interactions online through social networking and live chats, the […]

The GIF idea at the end of the previous post is a fantastic lead into the attractiveness of technology in regards to creating memorable customer experiences. In addition to the chance for customer interactions online through social networking and live chats, the electronic era gives retailers the opportunity to create a multifaceted shopping experience that combines the tangibility of in-store with the convenience of mobile.






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Increase Customer Retention by Maximizing the Selfie

People record everything they do today in real time. When it’s Periscope, Snapchat, or Instagram, the overall population has video evidence of virtually every movement they make. Utilize the trend to your benefit by putting together a selfie spot on your shop, deli, restaurant, or food truck. Ensure that your business name is visible, and also make it interesting enough to draw people in, such as a DIY photo booth. Then let your customers make memories and do some online advertising for you. Send them a voucher if they use a specific hashtag, and everyone wins.

How can that make their experience memorable?

It is not something which happens everywhere. It gives customers a particular status on social networking sites. Selfie places themselves can be memorable. Let us say your shop sells video games. Imagine if your selfie place was a giant poster of the most recent game and the selfie place sign said,”I got mine in {insert store name here}”? Have you got an iconic statue, sign, or other landmark in your shop? Transform it into a selfie spot with a simple sign and allow clients do the rest.

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Increase Customer Retention by permitting them to Interact With an iPad

World of Beer has mastered the art of employing an iPad to improve their customers’ experience. Tablets on tables make it possible for customers to look for their perfect beer. They can search by type, by alcohol content, by what is on tap, by state, etc.. From there, they could click on a single beer to read more details about it. The educational interaction provides clients the courage to try something they may not have tried otherwise, all with no lengthy lecture by the server. (Those lectures usually feel like sales pitches anyway, but if the content on the pill is simply educational, you are selling it to yourself.) At the close of the day, the exact same iPad serves as the point of sale system to shut out tabs in the table.

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The portability, ease of use, and hardware designs available for your iPad makes it a tool which may be utilised in many of methods in your store. Give it to sales staff to assess inventory and study product details they can not recall off the top of their minds. Put it in a locked stand near a group of products to show comparisons. Create a Buzzfeed style quiz to help customers determine what merchandise they would like to buy. The possibilities are infinite. Soon every retailer will use tablets to increase shopping experiences. The sooner you employ, the more likely it’ll be that your shop is the most memorable. Early adapters get the pig, so to speak.

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Increase Customer Retention by Using QR Codes

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the standard for all consumers. Should they have their mobile phone in their hands anyway, use the technology to your benefit. QR Codes can assist you with more than stock. Put the nifty looking squares on product labels, price sheets, or display cases to allow customers find out more about the products they have questions about. This combines multichannel shopping absolutely. They’re in the shop where they can use their five senses to experience the item, but they can read reviews, specifications, and other relevant information on their phones as a result of the QR codes you supply. To make it even more memorable for them, add quips, games, or prizes into the mix which are only reachable by using the codes.

Do not make the mistake of supposing technology only helps with your internet presence. Utilize technology in store to boost client retention and keep them talking.

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