Implementing Quickbooks POS For Success


Transactions are so much easier for the accounting department to keep track of if there was real time updating of information. Inventory may benefit from this advantage also. If you can record sales in real time, the stock department can […]

Transactions are so much easier for the accounting department to keep track of if there was real time updating of information. Inventory may benefit from this advantage also. If you can record sales in real time, the stock department can automatically correct the entries in the database so. With Quickbooks POS, you may enjoy much more than simply those benefits for your company.

There are a plethora of features that you can enjoy in the Quickbooks point-of-sale system. These will include the following:

Multi-shop Management from Only One Location

With Quickbooks POS implemented in every one of your branches or stores, the whole chain is linked to a single central database. By doing this, you can manage and create reports from each one of your unique stores without needing to see them physically. You can stay in your primary office and call reports up every time you will need to since they’re connected via a network. This sure saves time if you will need to prepare a comprehensive report to your board of directors.

Accurate and Seamless Inventory

The most significant fature of any point of sale system, Quickboss POS allows for real time stock updates. Every time a sale is incurred, the inventory figure is automatically updated and the earnings records changed to reflect the current sale. This means your stock is accurate and on time. By way of instance, if you’ve got low supplies on a single item, you may easily see that as a way to respond accordingly i.e. purchasing new supplies to maintain the stocks in great form. This is so much better than the old method of doing inventory every once in a while that also contributes to stocks being zeroed and not replenished in time.

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The Quickbooks POS will also be able to keep track of your orders’ status, which means it is possible to know which package hasn’t arrived and which is in transit. This way it is possible to know which packages have problems and you’ll be able to answer your customers accordingly.

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Link to Quickbooks Accounting Software

The Quickbooks solution are the all around answer to any company’s problems. With its connection to the Quickbooks Accounting software, the company can maintain in real-time with the accounting side. The corresponding figures and accounts which are affected by the transactions are updated straight away, so the accounts are 100% accurate.

The URL to the Accounting software also includes submissions of time cards so that payroll can be readily calculated with precision as a priority.

Superb Security

Last but not the least, a POS system must have excellent security in order that sensitive financial information isn’t endangered. The Quickbooks POS is protected by restricting users’ access to what their position is. Administrative features are shut for sales people, and open only to accounting department personnel to access, so on and so on.

With its host of excellent features, it’s obviously advantageous for any company to implement the Quickbooks POS particularly if they have a good deal of stores to handle. Together with the Quickbooks POS, accounting, inventory and management has never been so easy.

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Linux Pos Software

When it comes to picking the proper Linux POS software for your company it’s vital that you understand what the advantages and disadvantages are to be obtained from the Linux based ones. This is because there are so many unique ones that you’re now able to select from. But first let’s provide you with a concise explanation of what POS software is and why it’s vital if you own any type of retail business.

POS (Point of Sale Software) can be used by retailers so that they can compute the sales they make and permits them to function the draw on the money machine. Through out the day the program can add up the sales being made to supply a total for the owner of the enterprise. Additionally it can figure out precisely what amount of the revenue is composed of state sales tax and will also tell the assistant how much change they will need to offer the customer with. Plus through out the day it will adjust the stock the shop holds and take away the amount each time a specific item is sold.

Though there are a lot of benefits to be had from using a Linux operating based POS software application but there are disadvantages also. Below we’ll have a look at exactly what some of them are.


1. After the Linux based system has been correctly configured you’ll discover it will continue to operate until such time as the hardware inside the computer itself fails or you decide to shut down the system.

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2. Compared to Windows the odds of you suffering from any sorts of problems or glitches regarding viruses or bugs having the ability to get access to this system are greatly reduced.

3. Since the Linux source code is truly freely available this can be extremely useful especially when seeking to customize the system you’re using and to help deal and resolve any technical issues that may occur.


1. Unfortunately the actual kinds of POS applications available can be quite limited, but this all depends on precisely what kind of retail business it’s the individual owns. So as a result of this the person might find they are actually giving up some very good features that come with the Windows operating versions of these software applications.

2. You may well find that the other kinds of retail software programs and applications that you use in your business won’t work along with the Linux one. So it’s important before you proceed a buy Linux POS software that you check thoroughly all of the other applications you’re using will work together with it.

3. The other major disadvantage to be had if you decide to use a Linux POS software based system is that very few computer technicians really understand how this system operates. This could give you a complete stack of problems if you’re unable to find someone close to where your company is based to rectify the issues when they arise.


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