ICANN Exec On The Brand New Top-level Domains


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers, or ICANN, coordinates the domain name system internationally. These tasks involve ensuring that the domain name system works properly and that people and businesses can easily obtain and use domains for their […]

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers, or ICANN, coordinates the domain name system internationally. These tasks involve ensuring that the domain name system works properly and that people and businesses can easily obtain and use domains for their legal purposes.

Recently, ICANN announced the expansion of”top level domains,” that are the suffixes like .com and .net. We asked Jason Keenan, Media Advisor with ICANN, how this top level domain growth will operate.

PeC: ICANN has recently approved changes in the issuance of top level domains, such as .com, .net etc. Would you tell us about these?

Keenan: ICANN is preparing to start a new application and approval procedure for new generic top level domains (gTLDs) in the second quarter of 2009. This will allow for the creation of new Web extensions — the component of the domain name that comes after the dot.

It’s important to recognize that individuals are applying to make a new REGISTRY, which is a body that’s responsible for the domains which come under it — for example Verisign accounts for the .com registry.

PeC: Why did ICANN do so?

Keenan: Since it was made in 1998, ICANN’s mandate has been to foster competition in the domain name marketplace. It’s why we have has two preceding application rounds which state new gTLDs such as .asia and .mobi create. This time, we are planning to design a process which will be used today and in the future.

ICANN has a multi-stakeholder policy development process that served as the basis for the process design. It involved consultation with domain name business, trade mark lawyers, the company sector, users, authorities and technicians.

PeC: Who will issue these new top level domain names?

Keenan: ICANN will be issuing domain names depending on the applications received.

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PeC: What will the procedure be to get one? Will it be like finding a domain name from a current domain registrar?

Keenan: Very tough to say at this stage what the folks running these new registries will bill. However, a best guess is that to be competitive, they would be priced at the same range as current registrations.

Keep in mind that to obtain a new top level domain name, one must first
Become a registry — that is the growth ICANN is growing. At the moment, the best guess for the one-time application fee is between $100,000 and $500,000. It’s the registries that decide who gets access to this specific top level domain.

Practical eCommerce Blogger Wins eBay Hall of Fame Award

eBay expert and Practical eCommerce blogger Danna Crawford was out fishing with her daughters on her birthday, May 13. After a long day without a successful grabs, the three went home tired and sunburned to discover that Crawford was among five eBay users to internet two of eBay’s most prestigious awards, the 2008 Hall of Fame Award, in addition to the 2008 Golden Ribbon Award for Community Seller of this Year.

Despite the fact that Crawford is one of eBay’s most busy PowerSellers, involved in education, trading aid and user opinions throughout the Voices of eBay community, she said that the awards still took her by surprise.

“I was so deeply touched they thought enough of me to give me these awards,” she said.

Crawford was presented with the award in the 2008 eBay Live conference in Chicago, where a brief documentary about her humble eBay starts told her story to an audience of 15,000.

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Crawford joined eBay in 1997. She was a single mother of three, working three jobs and selling toys in flea markets and toy shows in the Chicago region.

1 day at the flea market, someone told her she could make more money selling her toys and action figures online at a website named

Crawford, who describes herself as a jump-into-it sort of man, wasted no time. She got on eBay using the display name”danna” and began selling.

By 1998, she had stopped all her jobs to concentrate on eBay, which in turn allowed her to concentrate on her kids.

“At the moment, I was just happy to get the mortgage paid and the children fed. I got to doing this so that I could support my family,” Crawford said. “Thanks to eBay, I could say that I never missed an occasion in their own lives.”

By 1999, she raised enough money to put a down payment on her dream home in Florida.

After her children left home, Crawford drove herself into eBay, particularly to educating others in auction success.

“When my kids moved out, I buried myself deeper into eBay and assisting people. I didn’t have children to help, so I got involved big time to the eBay community,” she said.

As she became successful on the website, other sellers started coming to her, asking for her help and advice. She realized she could turn her experience into a profession. She believes others can grow to be as successful on eBay now as she was ten years back.

“It’s only a matter of organizing yourself and simplifying your system,” she said.

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Along with the Star Wars toys she continues to market, she sells teaching ebooks and materials both on eBay and on her website She instructs on webinars on demand and in the local community college. She recently presented a webinar in Singapore.

However, as much as she loves teaching others about eBay,” Crawford stated her primary interest today is eBay Giving Works, the charitable branch of eBay. Users can utilize Giving Works to contribute anywhere from 10 percent to 100 percent of a purchase to a charity of their choice.

Crawford recently managed to expand some charity of her own, due to eBay. Due to her Hall of Fame award, Crawford was given an chance to donate $2,500 of The eBay Foundation’s money to her selection of non-profit organization. She chose to award the money to the Hospice of Marion County.

Later on, she sees herself traveling and talking to market eBay Giving Works. She has her first speaking engagement at the University of Kansas in October.

“eBay has changed my life for the better. I feel like I am on the road to bigger and better things,” Crawford said.

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