How to Sell on Amazon With Shopify [Updated 2022]


Shopify is a great way to sell, but why not use Shopify to reach millions of potential Amazon customers? To reach large numbers of potential customers, it is important to maximize sales channels. Integration between two of the most popular eCommerce platforms […]

Shopify is a great way to sell, but why not use Shopify to reach millions of potential Amazon customers? To reach large numbers of potential customers, it is important to maximize sales channels. Integration between two of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world – Shopify Amazon integration, has created great opportunities for cross-border businesses to sell omnichannelly. Let’s look at how you can start selling on Amazon using Shopify.


Online eCommerce is the most popular way to buy products and services. It is crucial that your company stays ahead of the rest in order to stay competitive in this multichannel market.

Many Shopify sellers are not familiar with Amazon and are losing out on huge sales opportunities.

Imagine that you own a store on the street. A stranger approaches you and offers to build a booth in the city’s largest marketplace, which attracts thousands of people every day. It seems absurd that you don’t have the inventory and human resources to increase sales.

Multichannel sales is essential if you want to reach the most customers. You should consider selling on Amazon with Shopify.


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Why Amazon & Shopify are a winning combo?

Amazon is undisputedly the largest eCommerce site in the world. is one of the most popular sales channels worldwide, with over 300 million customers in 188 countries. There are 197 million users visiting each month and an increase rate of more that 30% annually.

Shopify, a top eCommerce platform, allows you to build an online shop website. It integrates with social networks, posts products, cart and payment options, and even processes orders. Shopify announced last year that it will expand its commercial operations in 175 countries. Shopify is currently the most popular eCommerce platform.

Amazon and Shopify are both well-known companies in eCommerce. They allow you to sell items online for a monthly charge. They work in different ways. Shopify is an eCommerce platform while Amazon is an online marketplace. Shopify allows you to set up your online store while Amazon lets you sell with other online merchants.

However, Shopify and Amazon are optional. You can mix and match these top-tier platforms by integrating Shopify Amazon. You might also be able to sell on Shopify and Amazon simultaneously.

The benefits of selling on Amazon

Combining these two excellent platforms will give you enormous advantages. Check out the benefits of Shopify Amazon integration.

1. Use the Amazon User’s Search to find out more

Amazon can be compared to Wikipedia when it comes to shopping. Amazon is the best website to find what you are looking for when you want to purchase something online.

The US has a tradition of online shoppers searching Amazon for products. According to a report by Feedvisor in 2021, with 2000interviewees. Amazon is still the most popular place for consumers to search product information. 75% consumers say they use Amazon to check product reviews and prices before purchasing. Additionally, 62% consumers search for new products on Amazon. Only 18% consumers use Google to find information.

Customers will be able to shop on Amazon more easily if Shopify stores start selling on Amazon. This will result in a higher conversion rate to Amazon.

2. Attract new customers

Amazon users trust is very high. Feedvisor (211) found that 92% online shoppers said they are more likely than others to purchase products from Amazon. Customers are comfortable buying products from Amazon because they trust them.

Because customers trust you, your products will have greater conversions if they are sold on Amazon. However, customers will be less likely to trust your brand’s quality and customer service if you sell products on the internet. Selling on your website offers many benefits but also requires a lot of work and trust from customers.

3. Increase your revenue

Amazon sellers will be able to reach over 300 million customers around the world. Businesses will be able to reach such a large number of customers, which is a huge benefit for profits. Why not sell on both channels?

Amazon has many ways for businesses to “explode” their revenue.

  • Amazon offers amazing deals and discounts to help businesses celebrate the holidays.
  • To encourage sellers to sell on Amazon, support free shipping and after-sales services
  • Prime Day – A memorable holiday that Amazon only offers. Sellers can use this opportunity to sell their inventory and generate significant revenue.

It’s almost certain that you will increase your revenue if your Shopify store is linked with Amazon.

4. Your Brand Identity can be leveraged

Amazon customers believe the products are of high quality. All products are sold by reputable brands and have been tested. Amazon follows strict guidelines regarding product testing.

Amazon’s products can be viewed by thousands of customers, which can prove to be a competitive advantage over businesses that trade the same product.

This article will show you how to sell on Amazon using the Shopify platform. We hope you find the following information useful.

Shopify and Amazon: How to Sell on Amazon?

No matter what your business model is, let’s look at the basic requirements before we start.

  • First, you will need a Shopify Account. Go to Shopify and enter your email address. Place your products in the right categories to make your store stand out.
  • The second is to ensure that the currency in which your products are sold matches the Amazon marketplace where they will be sold. This means that if you wish to sell on you will need a Shopify US shop.
  • Barcodes are also required for all your products.
  • For seamless integration with Amazon Shopify, you will need your UPCs (Universal Product Codes).

If your store meets the above requirements, you may integrate the following steps:

First: Add Amazon to your Shopify dashboard

Log in to Shopify, click the plus (+), icon under the Sales Channels Section and locate the Amazon store.

To confirm your selection, click ” Add” when you locate an Amazon store.

Shopify doesn’t recommend Amazon as a top recommendation for sales channels. Click ” Shopify App Store

Select ” Amazon from Codisto” and ” Amazon via CedCommerce“.

Click ” App“.

Next, click ” Create a sales channel“.

2nd Step: Register for a Professional seller account

You must register for a Professional Seller account to sell on Amazon through Shopify. After upgrading, you can sign up again to a professional selling account.

Open the Amazon Services section, and then click ” Register“.

The system will generate a form for you to register information in order to create a seller’s account.

There are two types of accounts: professional seller accounts and personal seller accounts. A professional selling account is cheaper than a personal seller account.

3: Wait until confirmation from Amazon

Once you have created a Professional Seller account, you will need to wait for Amazon’s approval that your product is in their product catalog.

4: Assign your current products to Amazon through the Shopify store

You can also assign products already on Amazon to the Shopify platform if you sell on Amazon. Shopify Professional Seller accounts will have product listings that are noted on Amazon.

5: Sync inventory tracking

Next, you will need to sync your Amazon inventory and Shopify. Your Shopify store can apply the current inventory management policy to each product listing on Amazon.

Step 6 – Start Selling on Amazon

Congratulations! Now you can start selling on Amazon through Shopify and reach a wide variety of new customers.

You can reach thousands of potential customers by selling cross-border Omni channels via the two most popular global eCommerce platforms. We should not miss the chance to make enormous profits.

Other tips

Advertise your products and store so customers can find your Amazon store. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

  • To optimize SEO marketing with Shopify support applications to increase organic traffic, please refer to ” Shopify Search Engine Optimization” for more information.
  • Target customers and send marketing emails to them.
  • If you don’t have an audience file, running ads on Amazon is a popular way to sell on Amazon.

Final Words

Shopify and Amazon make a great combination. To increase sales, any retailer can learn how to sell on Amazon; drop shippers are also active on Shopify.

Multichannel selling, although it might not be suitable for every organization, is a great strategy to increase brand awareness and drive more sales. It is crucial that eCommerce businesses are prepared to face the constant changes in the market.

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