How to Employ eGift Point of Sale Into Your Organization


Searching for a new and exciting advantage to draw more eyes to your own products is always on top of your everyday list. Crafting a unique blend of products and services motivates clients to invest more timeand money–when seeing your […]

Searching for a new and exciting advantage to draw more eyes to your own products is always on top of your everyday list. Crafting a unique blend of products and services motivates clients to invest more timeand money–when seeing your enterprise. A significant promotional idea that has yielded fantastic results for small companies and many different business types is adding support for eGifts.

The best way to put in eGift point of sale functionality in your core company technology will differ from industry to industry. Each sort of small business faces its own unique challenges and requirements for using eGift programs. We have broken down the basics around how to execute a successful eGift strategy so you can see how your company fits in, and to get some understanding around how other small business types compare to your own.

Retailers Are a Natural Fit for eGifting

The most common location where consumers expect to find eGifting is in the retail setting. As customers become more comfortable using technology, eGifts offer a new and interactive way for them to meet the wishes of those in their gift shopping lists. Advanced POS technology has to be inserted to give you the ability to craft and manage branded eGifts to be able to ensure that they become profitable assets to your company and are pleasurable to use and redeem by clients.

The POS platform that You Have to rely on to get eGifts right must contain these features:

  • Cloud-based apps and data storage capacities.
  • Advanced reporting to monitor eGift usage.
  • Precision integration between sales and stock data points.
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Possessing these crucial components on your POS solution will make using and giving eGifts an attractive and user friendly option for your clients. EGifts will also present your company with a natural means to advertise both your physical and online storefronts concurrently, further adding to your ability to adapt to the dynamic retail business.

An eGifted Restaurant Experience is Thoughtful and Standing Building

Offering your regular diners the choice to pass the joys of the dining memories on your restaurant onto those near to them deepens their ties with you, and presents you with a simple way to broaden your client base. The eGift choice in restaurants can be leveraged to promote specials for eGift users–such as offering to match up their gift to 25 percent –to further lure eGift recipients. This, when coupled with advanced POS technology, will provide you the tools that automatically handle everything for you.

Some other important functions which are prerequisites for any eGift-supporting POS system in a restaurant setting are:

  • The capability to reflect an almost live view of your menus, specials, and availability.
  • Present options for booking a table or scheduling a takeout/delivery order.
  • Seamless order information integration in all aspects of your restaurant, from host to kitchen to plate.

Adding an eGift experience to your own restaurant that’s completely integrated and handled by your POS solution presents you with a profitable way to improve your reputation. Satisfied clients will be vouching to your superior entrees and customer service through the eGifts they hand out. You gain the chance to impress a new potential customer base that makes it possible to maintain your tables complete and staff active.

QSRs and Cafes Are Perfectly Built to Use eGifts

The fast-paced, get-in-and-get-out character of QSRs and cafes are ideal cases for the execution of eGifting. Clients receiving eGifts are highly likely to invest more than the original value of the eGift. Additionally, the eGift can pull double duty as an electronic client loyalty card, letting them earn rewards at the time of redemption and to get valuable promotional messages about the products your POS data says they favor.

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There are several key POS features that have to be set up for QSRs and cafes to correctly implement an eGifting approach. These must include:

  • Online ordering and salvation of the eGift.
  • Contactless possibilities, including curbside or delivery scheduling.
  • Mobile POS alternatives, like tablets, to use the line-busting ability of ordering kiosks.

The innovative data management tools which are included in a POS platform that contains the above options will let you craft a menu that appeals to old and new customers alike. Accuracy in ordering, in addition to consistency in the products that you serve, will deepen the loyalties of current clients while catching the eye of people who might be seeing you for the first time due to their exciting eGift.

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EGifts Boost Spa Experiences and Personalized Salon Sessions

Salon and spa owners can use eGifts as a powerful tool for enticing and building their clientele. Spas especially will see a leap in new customers, as often a receiver is a man who’s called being someone that doesn’t pamper themselves often. Recipients of salon eGifts may be men searching for a new stylist, or special style they have never been able to find anywhere else. Both cases represent a golden opportunity to progress your brand to new prospective clients.

Salons and spas will have to have specific tools available in their POS solution to produce eGifts an engaging and popular thing among their clients. Some of those tools are:

  • Online appointment booking that’s simple to use and lets you know whether the client is redeeming an eGift.
  • Using mobile devices to permit stylists and spa staff to stay focused on developing a relaxing and personalized experience.
  • Mobile payment options so the client can pay without sacrificing that relaxed feeling.

Implementing eGift options to your business repertoire provides your customers a way to express their satisfaction with their experiences. They will probably present your eGifts to people who haven’t ventured through your doors, giving you a chance to obtain a new customer with your exquisite pampering and styling skills.

Is eGift Point of Sale a Profitable Choice For Your Small Business?

Adding eGifts to your already impressive offerings of goods and services will require a comprehensive evaluation of your POS system. The technology that you rely on for conducting your business must give you concise tools which are directly tied to the ability to control and provide the best experience possible when eGifts are redeemed. Getting the proper mix of usability and tools is precisely what a seasoned POS consultant can provide.

Adding the customer building features that eGifts brings to your company requires you to get cutting-edge POS technologies in place. The POS advisers at ConnectPOS will match the expectations of eGifts into the appropriate technologies to provide a solution that delivers in every way possible.


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