How PWA Implementation Impacts Businesses. PWA Case studies.


1 How PWA Implementation Impacts Businesses. PWA Case studies.1.1 Let’s talk about PWAs1.2 What PWAs bring the table1.3 What are the benefits of PWA in business?1.4 What’s in it for you business?1.5 Case studies PWA. Companies that have succeeded.1.5.1 George’s Growth in […]

How PWA Implementation Impacts Businesses. PWA Case studies.

PWAs are a great option for making your app, product or service more user-friendly. While some companies have chosen PWAs for their business, others are still unsure if it’s worth it.

If you’re in the second group, this article will help explain PWA functionality to you and show you how your business can profit from it.

This article is based upon Mike Hartington’s session “The Business Impact Of PWAs” at GoPWA Conference. It will give you a few reasons why PWA apps are a good option for your business. You can listen to Mike in his first person below.

Let’s talk about PWAs

Because Opera and Chrome fully support progressive web applications (PWAs), implementation has been a hot topic. Other web browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Microsoft Edge also support PWAs. This helps to provide a great user experience.


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PWAs have been chosen by major market players to be their technology. PWA has been adopted by tech giants such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook to offer a seamless user experience that is based on a better interface.

What PWAs bring the table

A Progressive Web Application (PWA), is a website that provides all the functionality of an app. Although the technology is not new, its popularity has increased dramatically in recent years.

PWAs can be used to browse the web like regular websites, but they also offer features such as push notifications, offline usability and access to device hardware that were previously only available in native applications.

PWA isn’t a new technology or framework, but rather a collection of practices that enhance the functionality of web applications similar to mobile or desktop apps.

PWAs can provide both a great user experience as well as a great product experience. A PWA is not a way to create a product or service for a business. It is creating an experience, a great experience.

PWA has many business benefits. Check out the following.

What are the benefits of PWA in business?

To help you understand why PWA is important for your business, here are some answers to the question: “When should I apply PWA to business?”

  • You have limited financial resources. A Progressive Web Application is much cheaper than a mobile application without quality loss. A single PWA can be used for both Android and iOS. Native apps would require a separate app for each platform. This would certainly impact your wallet.
  • The internet connection speed of your target audience is slow. It is important to be able to work with slow internet connections. PWA works well on slow internet connections without sacrificing quality.
  • The platform’s reach limits your growth. PWA, a web-based app that allows you to overcome the limitations of the platform and reach all users on the internet via mobile devices, is called PWA.

PWAs also have many business benefits, including a faster time to market and a smooth user experience across all platforms. They also provide huge financial savings over the long-term. PWAs are becoming more popular with businesses.

What’s in it for you business?

Let’s start with the fact there are currently 15 billion mobile devices worldwide. It shouldn’t surprise us to say that your app should reach as many of these 15 billion users as possible.

Every year, mobile commerce is growing rapidly. Let’s look at some mCommerce statistics.

  • Mobile payments are expected to grow by 24.5% in 2026.
  • The world’s mCommerce sales accounted for more than half of all eCommerce sales in 2021.
  • Around 87% of online shoppers search for products before purchasing.
  • Google search is used in 42% of brand interactions via mobile devices.

Let’s now see how PWAs can help your business achieve its goals.

  • PWA is easily accessible. It is easy to access from any location. It’s already in your web browser. This means that your customers can access your business PWA from anywhere.
  • PWAs can be easily searched. Customers can easily find PWA apps when you create them for their business on Google or other search engines.
  • It can be easily shared. Customers can share their business PWA by copying and pasting the link to it.



A Progressive Web App is also a single codebase. This will save you a lot of money compared to multiple native apps.

Case studies PWA. Companies that have succeeded.

You should thoroughly research the benefits PWAs have for your business before making a decision. To save you time, we have already done this for you. A PWA case study is the best way to answer this question.

Below are a few case studies PWAs with honest and real results. Also, you will find some features that were used in these PWAs.

George’s Growth in the conversion rate

George’s PWA case studies is about an online shop that has transformed into a PWA. Their conversion rate increased by 31% only by creating a great web experience. Business PWA also makes it easier for users to access the site and increases their reach. Users spent 28% more time on PWAs, and 20% more page views per visit.

George’s success is proof that it’s easier for users to navigate the internet. If you offer a great user experience, users will be more inclined to use it:


Web Authentication API (also known as Web Authn) is one of the most important features of the business PWA. Web Authn is a tool that allows PWAs simplify the sign-up/login process.

Although it might not seem like a big deal, 86% of users feel that they are being inconvenienced by the requirement to create an account for new websites.

According to Blue Research’s survey, 54% of users will abandon your app or website if they are forced to create an account.

Smart web authentication systems allow users to register and log in without having to deal with complex registration and login processes.

Users will have a better experience if the time it takes to create an account is shorter. AliExpress PWA Case Study shows that they have seen a 85% decrease in sign-in failures since the feature was implemented. This means that users can access all AliExpress’s offerings quickly and successfully. They also saw a 60% drop in the time users spent signing in.

Users are happier and more likely to return to a business that is easy to navigate and provides information about the core products and services. This is something every business strives to do.

GoMage PWA case Study. GoodCook

GoodCook is the top-selling brand in kitchen gadgets and cookware.

The GoodCook team was looking for an eCommerce web designer to transform their WordPress website. The website was a simple recipe blog at the time. People moved online and the company decided to make it an eCommerce store. This would allow people to find the recipes they want, as well as purchase the products.

GoodCook was able to transform a WordPress blog into a Magento PWA store within five months using GoMage PWA.

The analytics are showing a significant increase in web traffic only a month after the PWA was launched. GoodCook was already selling products, even though they hadn’t done any marketing. This is a good indicator that the website’s performance is high and that integrating eCommerce functionality with recipes was a wise decision.

These are some other behavioral metrics that can be improved:

  • The bounce rate fell by 25.52%
  • Avg. Increased session duration by 30.92%
  • The number of pages viewed rose by 66.90%


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Give your customers a personal experience with Magento PWA.


Additional features of PWAs

We can’t ignore the other features mentioned above, as well as those discussed in case studies PWA. They also play an important role in improving user experience.

Web Payment

Web Payments is similar to Web Auth. Consumers can make payments online faster and more securely using Web Payments. Web Payments allow users to pay online by using their stored address and payment information. This eliminates the need to complete checkout forms. Web Payments are used in PWAs. The standard is natively implemented in the browser. This ensures that all users have the same payment experience. Because of its flexibility, businesses can offer payment solutions compatible with all browsers and devices.


PWA apps, much like native apps, are easily installed, compatible with different browsers and can be used offline. The offline mode allows the PWA app to continue working even if the device isn’t connected to the internet. Instead of telling users they can’t go further on the page like other websites, it will let them continue browsing. PWAs use a caching system that processes offline requests and sends them when a connection becomes available. This is based on the offline first idea.

PWA for business can be used offline to provide functionality and high performance, regardless of network conditions.


Learn more about the benefits of GoMage’s PWA Shopfront to your business.



We hope this article has helped you answer the question, “Is a PWA right to my business?”. Because choosing the right solution for your app is an important decision. The same applies to business PWA. Progressive Web Apps is trusted and reliable software that has been chosen by many online merchants. It’s worth giving it a shot, as there are at least one successful PWA case study every week, if that’s not a daily.

PWA is sure to bring more revenue and value to your business, regardless of whether it is new or established.