Here are 27 top business signs ideas and examples

Summary says great signage design is more than just telling customers where you are located. They also get a sense of your business’s purpose. It is important to convey this message in a limited space. However, the task does not need to […] says great signage design is more than just telling customers where you are located. They also get a sense of your business’s purpose. It is important to convey this message in a limited space. However, the task does not need to be overwhelming or complicated.

To help you get started, here are 27 business sign ideas and marketing material examples that will get you noticed and drive sales.

1. Professionally printed Temporary Signage

From trade shows to open house signs, temporary signage can represent your business and help to lead potential customers to it.

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2. 2. Electronic signs

business sign ideas

Electronic signs can make your company stand out. These signs are futuristic, personable, and can convey multiple messages, without the need to print another sign.

3. Persuasive Signage/Point-of-Purchase Signs

business sign ideas


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Everywhere a shop has a point-of-purchase sign or persuasive signage, it is important to have them. Because it addresses most of the customer’s concerns, these signs can have an immediate impact on customers’ buying decisions. They might be reminded of return and other options, as well as discounts or promotions.

4. A-frame Signs

business sign ideas

A-frames are freestanding signs which are both versatile and affordable. You can choose between plastic or wood depending on your needs and budget. You can also buy add-ons like the sign rider shown in the example, which allows you to have a smaller sign on top.

5. Mats and other floor signs

business sign ideas

Marketing strategies that use floor signs are very effective include: People get so used to looking up or forward, and being bombarded with images. It is refreshing to look down. Some business owners neglect to consider the interactive aspect. To direct customers to your doors, use floor signs and mats.


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6. 6.

business sign ideas

Standees and roll-up banners are lightweight so they can be easily transported. These are ideal for special events, trade shows and fairs. To promote your brand, add a standee to your shop to display promotions, discounts, or to share your business vision.

7. Flag Banners

business sign ideas

Flag banners can be used in many different ways. Flag banners can be used indoors and outdoors and are very portable. The flag’s material is weather-resistant and durable, which allows it to retain the bright colors that attract pedestrians’ attention. The pole is lightweight, and comes with a ground stake for securing it to grass or soil.

8. Window lettering and graphics

business sign ideas

Window lettering and graphics are a more intricate and virtually maintenance-free option. You can choose from vinyl or decals, and have your graphics professionally designed. You can also have privacy in your store without blocking too much natural sunlight.

9. Directional and Wayfinding Signs

business sign ideas

Directional or wayfinding signs, as the name suggests, are intended to help people find their destination. These signs can be found on the sides of roads, in hospitals and in malls. If the location of a business is not easily visible from the roadside, they should have this type signage. Bright brand colors are best for easy recognition, even from afar.

10. Temporary signs professionally printed

business sign ideas

Temporary signage is a great way to represent your company and lead customers to it, whether at trade shows or open houses.

Once you’ve got your design finalized, make sure that your signage is professionally printed with Vistaprint. Vistaprint is the best printer for small businesses due to its low price and quick turnaround.

11. Metal signs made to order

business sign ideas

You can make your customers remember your company by using metal signs. These signs are durable and strong. They can also be used indoors and outdoors. You can paint or rust metal signs to match your business idea and brand.

12. Three-dimensional Designs

business sign ideas

These types of signs are versatile too. Not only are three-dimensional signs limited to letters, but they can also be used in conjunction with 3D art. This illustration shows how 3D art is used to add an extra dimension to the signage. This design will make your business stand out, and your brand more memorable.


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13. Channel Letters

business sign ideas

These acrylic, 3D individual letters can be used for storefronts because of their modern design which makes them stand out. These letters often have integrated LED lighting. This combination of size, color and design, as well as the lighting effects make it versatile for indoor and outdoor signage.

14. Signs for cabinets

business sign ideas

Cabinet signs, also known as wall or box signs, are the most cost-effective form of outdoor signage. These signs are usually equipped with led or fluorescent lights so that they can be seen even in low light. They are easy to scale and can be customized for every budget.

15. Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs are only lit in the evenings. At daytime, they look like any traditional storefront sign. This makes it more economical compared to backlit signs and works well for businesses that want a more traditional feel to their brand.

16. Backlit Signs

business sign ideas

Back-lit signs are easily remembered and stand out when done correctly. Backlit signs are more costly because they use electricity and light all day, every day, no matter where they are installed. This illustration shows how a simple design can help increase brand awareness and branding.

17. Awning signs

Awnings give your business storefront a classy look. They are great as a complement to channel letter signage and window decals. This example shows how awning signage can hold its own for a shop, with additional lighting to make for an attractive storefront.

18. Flag Mounts or Blade Signs

business sign ideas

Also known as blade signs, flag mount signs are commonly called blade signs. These signs are placed perpendicularly to a building’s walls and are intended to help potential customers find your store. This illustration shows how a simple unlit blade sign can be elegant and stand out. To maintain the elegant, classic atmosphere in the evenings, you can add mood lighting.






19. Canopies

business sign ideas

Canopies, which are made from canvas, are larger versions of awnings and provide shelter for customers. Canopies are a great way to add your logo and business name. Notice how the large canopy sign frames the entrance to the establishment, while the accents of the windows are provided by awnings.

20 20.

business sign ideas

A pole sign is a simpler version of a traditional pylon sign. The pole, unlike monoliths is often bare and painted. Creative signage can increase visibility for smart business owners. Simple pole signs can stand out by having unique shapes, stand-out copy and striking colors.

21. Advertising Billboards

business sign ideas

These large format, digitally printed outdoor signs are found along busy roads and used by construction companies to mark the perimeter of their site. They are meant to be easily seen and remembered by pedestrians and drivers alike.

22. 22.

business sign ideas

Reader boards are great for anyone who wants something customizable but doesn’t mind using images. They are used mostly by churches and schools, but they can also be used to market other businesses. You can be creative in how you frame your reader board and where it is installed.

23. Monument Signs

business sign ideas

For large properties, monument signs are used to announce entrances. This type of sign has a distinctive characteristic: it is large and low to ground. These signs can be elaborate enough to include landscaping and masonry details. However, they can also be made from metal, wood, and even carved foam.

24. 24.

business sign ideas

These large, single-sided signs are meant to draw attention from faraway. Dual poles support the sign and are often hidden. They can be used by one company, as in this example, or multiple businesses located in front of commercial buildings. You can use it with other types of signage such as led lighting or electronic messaging boards.

25. Marquee Signs

A marquee sign is a type of architectural signage used for large buildings with lots of lighting and lavishly designed. They are commonly found in theaters, casinos and other entertainment-related businesses. Smaller businesses can scale the size of this type of signage and still attract as much attention from pedestrians and drivers alike.

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26. Architectural Signs

business sign ideas

An architectural sign is part of the overall design of a building. Because of its visibility and size, they can be used as wayfinding signs.

27. Vehicle wraps

business sign ideas

Wraps for vehicles are great for delivery trucks and food trucks. You can make your business more visible by having it travel up and down the street every day. You should create a design that conveys your brand and message. You should include your address and phone number so that more customers can see it.

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It can be difficult to choose the right type of signage for your business. Our list of signage designs will help you narrow down your options and maximize your return.