Gift Card Promotion Ideas: Tips & Strategies


1 7 Superior Strategies for Marketing Gift Cards1.1 Gift Certificate Marketing Ideas1.1.1 1. ) Make Your Gift Cards Physical and Digital1.1.2 2. ) Promote your Gift Cards Through Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy1.1.3 3. Encourage Treating Yourself1.1.4 4. ) Structure a Gift […]

7 Superior Strategies for Marketing Gift Cards

As international communication continues to bridge the difference to the most remote places around the world, your company’s pool of possible customers broadens. Technological advances make it possible to create unique and creative ways to draw eyes to your own brand.

The ways of attracting customers have not changed too drastically in the last ten years. Flyers, social networking ads, email campaigns, direct mail, and advertising gift vouchers continue to be tried and true. However, businesses are constantly changing and adapting their approaches to meet the current markets’ demands.

Now, we are going to talk about how to market present certificates and are sharing a fast primer of gift card advertising ideas.

Gift Certificate Marketing Ideas

If your business has not already done so, you may want to employ a gift advertising strategy. According to some survey analysis from First Data, it has been demonstrated that marketing gift cards will bring in new clients that would have otherwise done their shopping elsewhere. Furthermore, gift cards raise a client’s purchasing limit, leading to higher revenue.

If you have ever found yourself asking,”how do I market my gift cards,” here are a couple of gift card advertising strategies that may get you started.

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1. ) Make Your Gift Cards Physical and Digital

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When developing your gift card advertising, you want your clients to know they can buy gift cards in both physical and electronic formats.

With the current international trend, it’s easy to see why electronic gift cards are surging. The whole digital industry of e-gifting has already surpassed the double digits in the billions, which is in no brief part as a result of digital advertising gift cards.

But, digital gift cards have not fully replaced their physical counterpart. The trend of physical gift cards will also be on the upswing, so be sure that your registers have a wholesome supply of these at the check-out lane.

2. ) Promote your Gift Cards Through Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Any successful advertising strategy considers the fact that a client should engage with your new occasions before making a choice. And this approach includes marketing gift cards in many different ways.

Whether you have created a brand consciousness email campaign, sent out flyers, or have a physical store, customers will need to be reminded that you offer gift cards.

You might want to set your gift cards anywhere. Social media posts should have a link to them, customer receipts need to have a callout, and all registers should give an opportunity for your customers to purchase one.

3. Encourage Treating Yourself


While the assumption of a gift card is to be utilised as a”present,” data shows that more than 50 percent of purchased digital gift cards are meant for self-use. So, why not encourage it as such?

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You can market gift cards to suit an assortment of self-use purposes. If you are running a store with daily repeat purchases, you can market your gift cards as a sort of debit system to instill brand loyalty. Oryou can monetize on the subject”treat yourself” by encouraging your customers to buy gift cards for their shopping needs.

4. ) Structure a Gift Card Email Marketing Campaign

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A callout to your gift cards does not need to be a little blurb attached to a bigger email campaign. Rather, you can make an entire campaign around gift-card advertising. Email newsletters can be an effective method of advertising gift cards.

An email campaign can provide your gift cards as a fast solution for those looking for a simple gift. You may use them on your newsletter together with an extra advertising, such as holiday earnings or the launching of a new item.

5. ) Boost a Client’s Lifetime Value with Gift Cards


While it is possible to use gift cards to promote brand loyalty, you could even use them as upselling procedures. A gift card program serves as an incentive for customers to spend more money at your store. By way of instance, you might structure a loyalty program to issue a complimentary gift card if the customer reaches a spending threshold, or when they exceed a certain number of transactions.

Present cards offer a wonderful customer experience by making your customers feel appreciated for buying from your company.

6. Boost Their Visual Appeal


Unless your organization has global recognition, you are going to have to invest on your gift cards’ graphic design and copy. If possible, try and catch an emotion in a quick turn-of-phrase. Or, make a strong graphic that makes your gift cards eye-catching.

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While you will want your card’s layout to stay on brand, gift cards provide you a superb opportunity to expand your creative boundaries.

7. Goal Outside Your Usual Demographic


Marketing gift cards give you a fantastic opportunity to reach people outside your typical clientele. While self-purchasing gift cards are on the upswing, you should not forget they’re still fabulous presents (and people know it!) . Customer buying habits certainly demonstrate that this around holidays. If your target market is middle-aged ladies, direct an email campaign to target married guys for Mother’s Day.

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