Fill Last Minute Restaurant Jobs With POS Based Messaging


Sending SMS to restaurant workers is so much quicker than calling them separately. POS integrated messaging systems may make light work of rosters and other employees communications. With the capability to manage messages right from the POS touchscreen, this newest […]

Sending SMS to restaurant workers is so much quicker than calling them separately. POS integrated messaging systems may make light work of rosters and other employees communications. With the capability to manage messages right from the POS touchscreen, this newest innovation in POS technology enables cafe owners re-think their communications strategy.

Perfect for restaurants, hotel, bars and nightclubs, POS integrated messaging lets supervisor’s SMS waiters, bar and security staff, all from the POS terminal.

Pre-set and custom messages could be sent right from the POS terminal. Staff can message phones, pagers and email addresses. This innovative technology will help revolutionize the way venues communicate with employees and market to clients. Venue managers simply key in use or messages preset touch display POS buttons to contact employees.

No more spending hours ringing about to fill rosters. Instantly fill last minute tasks. Grab workers attention with messages that they can not miss. Stop last minute panics to find a person to get the job done.

Messages can be individual or pre-set. Memos can automate several tasks in addition to increasing marketing potential with clients.

– Target clients with particular rewards and special offers.
– Maximize your advertising potential with existing clients.
– Message team about rosters and get answer to the POS terminal
– Send reminders to individual staff members
– Pre- set automatic contacts and messages to appear on a POS terminal in a predetermined period
– Automatically SMS or email supervisor’s important information such as weekly earnings and gains at a predetermined period
– Page or SMS managers when a until exceeds its cash limit
– Page or SMS managers if any untoward transaction occurs at any till.

Loyal customers may also be targeted with specific benefits. Entice customers back with special offers. By recording and collating the transactions of current clients, owners can precisely target audience. When coupled with POS based loyalty tools, the messaging system comes a strong advertising tool. Restaurant or hotel owners may SMS updates on their points programmes, discounts, discounts or recognition schemes.

Among the POS solutions provided by Vectron’s currently has completely integrated messaging. Leading in POS technology, Vectron has the newest systems for restaurants, pubs, restaurants and resorts.

How to Reduce Loss of Risks Due to POS Terminal Faulty

Since the introduction of POS Terminal system into credit card business, the system has increased tremendously. The terminal system have taken over nearly 100 percent of the manual sales slide system in developing and developed countries.

Today, more than 90 percent of those credit card transactions in the world are processed through terminal system. While the system has attracted plenty of benefits to the card business like speed and precision in processing credit card sales transaction nonetheless, they also have their flaws.

One of the big flaws of using a POS terminal systems to process credit card sales transactions is terminal faulty.

How can a Card Company loses earnings when POS terminal is faulty?

POS terminal is exactly like any other electronics which you use in your home or workplace. As it’s an electronic gadget, it’s prone to damages when exposed to strong magnetic fields and lightning strikes. When a POS terminal is exposed to strong magnetic field or being stroked by lightning, the memory processor in the machine that saved credit card transactions can be corrupt and information could be lost. After these happened, the merchants won’t have the ability to do batch settlements with the Card Company.

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If the merchant has a tradition of performing daily batch settlement, then the Card Company may find an early alert when merchant complained of compensation issues. But if the merchant just does batch settlement once per week or less regular than that, such issues might just be understood much later.

If the POS terminals are provided by the Card Company, the Card Company needs to be responsible for any monetary losses suffered because of lost of transactions or late processing of transactions. I’ve came across Card Companies that dropped thousand dollars of earnings because of reduction of transactions and late processing of transactions.

The way to minimize loss of earnings because of POS Terminal Faulty?

After understanding how transactions can be lost or delayed processing from POS terminals, today we’ll discuss the corrective actions.

Among the very best preventive method I have used to alleviate the above problem is to set up a POS Terminal Settlement Control System.

A POS Terminal Settlement Control System is essentially a system to compare all of POS terminal batch settlement documents filed by the merchants with the inner transaction authorization records (that were created during the consent of the each individual transactions).

The trickiness of the control system is, one must be very well versed with the credit card sales transactions activities so as to be able to set up a matching criteria. Some example of these matching criteria are:

  • 1. Merchant account matching
  • 2. Batch total transaction matching
  • 3. Batch total value matching

I won’t go through in details about this fitting criteria as it can be quite specialized as it goes on.

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When the management system identified a mismatched batch, the entire batch is suspended from further processing. The suspended batch is going to be thrown into a batch withheld file, to get a team to inspect the detailed transactions and compare against the inner authorization records. From my experience of moving through these documents, you will find things like copy processing, overlooking transaction, offline transactions, etc..

Besides the batch fitting module, the POS Terminal Settlement Control System should create a weekly ageing report of unsettled transactions. The staff-in-charge should go through this report for unusual delay in settlements. After an odd delay is recognized, the staff-in-charge should contact the merchant and ask them to settle immediately or listen to their excuse if they don’t intend to settle soon.

Some immediate remedial actions (not exhaustive) that you can take are

1. Delete duplicate transactions and repost the batch.

2. Force post the suspended batches to charge cardholders first (in order to prevent late presentment chargeback) and withhold the payments to merchants. Instantly send requests to merchants for first sales slips for verification against the suspended batches. Once solved, repost the transactions (without billing the cardholders) to cover merchants.


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