FedEx & BigCommerce Offer New Ecommerce Options for Small and Medium Businesses


BigCommerce, an open SaaS ecommerce platform that allows established and fast-growing brands to shop on a single platform, has partnered withFedEx Corp.(NYSE:FDX) will give access to the FedEx portfolio of ecommerce solutions, and competitive rates, to small and medium-sized businesses […]

BigCommerce, an open SaaS ecommerce platform that allows established and fast-growing brands to shop on a single platform, has partnered withFedEx Corp.(NYSE:FDX) will give access to the FedEx portfolio of ecommerce solutions, and competitive rates, to small and medium-sized businesses that use BigCommerce.

A2019 BigCommerce surveyGlobal consumer survey results showed that 77% of respondents had abandoned ecommerce purchases due to poor shipping options. This enhanced feature allows BigCommerce merchants to offer enterprise-level shipping options, allowing them to deliver a better experience for their customers.

BigCommerce merchants who sign up for this partnership with FedEx will enjoy a variety of business benefits, including:

  • Competitive ratesBigCommerce merchants who leverage this partnership will get discounts up to 40% on FedEx groundRFedEx Express: Save up to 50%RServices New merchants get four months of BigCommerce for free, in addition to accessing FedEx at highly competitive rates.
  • Shipping capabilities enhancedFedEx provides a variety of services that merchants need to be competitive in ecommerce. These include FedEx Home Delivery which delivers seven days a semaine; flexible and simple return options; and FedEx retail convenience network, which allows consumers to choose to have packages delivered quickly and safely to different grocery stores, pharmacies, and FedEx Office locations.
  • FedEx account?Merchants can either get a FedEx account number to use with any shipping solution, or keep an existing one. Merchants can then take advantage of the wide range of FedEx solutions. Merchants can also contact FedEx to inquire about billing and pickups, order supplies, reroute packages, and manage their My FedEx Rewards accounts.

Russell Klein, chief commercial officer of BigCommerce, stated that “great ecommerce experiences must be paired with great ship options.” FedEx is one of the most respected ecommerce transport and logistics companies in the world. This partnership gives our merchants unique access to rates and capabilities that allows them to be more competitive on a global basis.

“Timing of the alliance and offer couldn’t be better for growing companies looking to build their brands through their own web shop that has integrated shipping options that are competitive with a variety of services to deliver their intended consumer experience,” Ryan Kelly, FedEx Corp vice president of global marketing, said. Businesses that only use a marketplace or have no physical presence are best to take control of their future.

A creative retailer teaches how to survive the shutdown

Many brick-and mortar retailers are having difficulty adjusting to the new COVID-19 epidemic. It’s hard for retailers to cope with the demands of manufacturers closing down their warehouses, running out products, keeping employees safe, and trying to move their entire business online.Sports WorldChicagoans are looking for ways to make this a new normal.

Relying heavily on in-store sales

Sports World, located in Chicago, Illinois is home to large groups of tourists who wander through the brick-and mortar store after a Major League Baseball game. Although they sell all kinds of Major League Baseball merchandise, including shirts, jerseys and souvenirs after Major League Baseball games, their physical location has been closed. All orders are made through their website. This site doesn’t get as much traffic as their brick-and mortar store.

Brad Rosen, Sports World’s Managing Partner, stated that “we usually see around 40k fans on a gameday, but now our shop is closed and I have zero.” It’s all down to the internet and curbside pick up. Baseball is a secondary topic right now. But, fortunately for me, our website has done really well and we have held our own.

AI Technology: A little help

Sports World has had a tremendous success in attracting traffic to their site during the pandemic.ConvertThe platform is designed to assist online retailers in increasing conversion rates by showing customers what they are most likely to buy. Sports World didn’t have Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking enabled before they started working with Avatria. This prevented them from collecting high-quality data on customers’ shopping habits.

Rosen stated that “This technology has really helped customers find the products they are looking for right in their face.” It’s helping shoppers determine what they want based upon what they see. Our average order online has increased by a few hundred per day so far. Although it’s difficult to sell Cubs shirts or hats online when there isn’t much baseball hype, we are doing well on the internet.

The retailer’s website has grown steadily since Sports World began working with Avatria between January and February 2020.

  • 52.63% increase in list purchase
  • 53.03 percent rise in the list conversion rate
  • 19.63% increase in average user purchases

Is Everything Going Back to Normal?

Despite online sales growing, Sports World still relies heavily upon the Wrigley Field game hype. This is especially because it’s Chicago’s number 2 tourist attraction. It was originally planned that the first home game would be held on April 1. This obviously did not happen. Rosen claims that the next home game will be held on June 1. However, just like all recent events, it is hard to predict when the areas will open.

Rosen stated that baseball season will return to the forefront of the news. Everyone will be excited and we will see an increase in online orders. But the question is how much. “Even if things improve, I expect baseball will remain an afterthought. People will be excited to go shopping outside, but then it will settle down and return to normal.