Favourite Restaurant Destinations with Revel CSO Chris Lybeer


Favourite Restaurant Destinations with Revel CSO Chris Lybeer Industry conditions have been tough this season –there is little doubt about it. However, let’s not forget about our favourite restaurant destinations we all know and love that are still serving up […]

Favourite Restaurant Destinations with Revel CSO Chris Lybeer

Industry conditions have been tough this season –there is little doubt about it. However, let’s not forget about our favourite restaurant destinations we all know and love that are still serving up dishes and creating memorable dining experiences–even though it means enjoying them in our own homes.

In some circumstances, they are doing it against all odds. I have been blown away with this industry’s resilience many times in my career, and 2020 was no exception. If you are able to consider supporting our restaurant friends this holiday season as they continue to reevaluate their operations.

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I’m sharing just some of my favourite restaurants for ordering inspiration–both near and far. I respect these restaurants for their excellent customer service, consistency, and of course, terrific food. I hope you can see when you’ve got the chance!

The Home Team Advantage

My family and I call Atlanta home, which means so a lot of our favourite restaurants are in the metro Atlanta area. I appreciate the wide variety of food choices this town offers–in actuality, I will get Thai, barbecue, Italian, and Mexican food within walking distance of my home. While the choices can be tough to narrow down, below are two of my favorites at this time.

La Tavola, which translates into”the table” in Italian, is nestled in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta and tops my list for good Italian food. This place gives customers the impression of a five-star dining experience, while still feeling like you are in a family member’s dining room table. That’s a challenging feat. When you pair a excellent atmosphere with genuine Italian dishes–and the best bread–you make repeat visits in the Lybeer family.

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La Tavola is merely one of six strong restaurant concepts which are part of Fifth Group Restaurants, a notable restaurant group with locations across Atlanta. Their restaurants are definitely worth checking out.

Located in Smyrna, Georgia, MTH Pizza is a go-to for authentic brick oven pizza. And while pizzerias are often cited among the very COVID-19 resilient business models due to built-in delivery options, MTH Pizza still needed to accommodate. They’re a full-service restaurant which experienced heavy dine-in traffic before COVID-19. Now, 20 percent of the company is dine-in, and 80 percent is execute and delivery.

It was apparent to MTH Pizza–a part of Unsukay restaurant group–that they had to rethink their operations in March. Characteristics like Revel’s native online ordering solution and distant menu management can help full-service restaurants such as MTH Pizza remain open for business throughout the pandemic.

When launching MTH Pizza, the group was researching cloud-based systems that provided a more innovative, flexible solution. They were also facing massive fees which were required to maintain their heritage solution above water. I am really glad they went with Revel.

Make certain to check out this area –and the 3 other Atlanta hot spots within Unsukay’s restaurant portfolio.

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Other Favorites from Coast to Coast

It’s hard to narrow down my favorite restaurant destinations out of Atlanta’s city limits–hey, I’m biased–but a few stand out to me because of how loyal their client base is, myself included.

These men are now a restaurant chain with over 90 locations worldwide–such as Atlanta–but I must know the brand as a regular traveler to New York City. They began as a humble food cart in Manhattan and were adored by locals. And despite their meteoric success, they nevertheless serve fresh, quality food and supply a consistent ordering experience for their clients. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that they are a Revel Enterprise® customer .

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When considering that POS solution are the most suitable for their growing company, Revel stood out for its capacity to support franchisees, team members and their faithful clients. And loyal is an understatement! The Halal Men loyalty app, supported by the Punchh loyalty program and Chowly shipping management services, has been demonstrated to be extremely effective in incentivizing return trips from loyal clients.

The chances are good that there is a The Halal Men location near you. Do not walk, run to test them out!

Ahead of COVID-19, I spent a generous amount of time traveling to Revel’s San Francisco office. I consider it among the finest, most diverse cities for food, particularly if you’re looking for fresh seafood.

Sotto Mare is a quaint place in the North Beach neighborhood famous for serving the best cioppino from town. I have not met anyone who has argued their claim. 1 purchase of the crab cioppino is large enough to serve two (and possibly three) individuals, and I do not think you will regret it.

Although our San Francisco and Atlanta teams are still working from home, I expect to return to the west coast soon to catch up with teammates in person. I will also purchase a long overdue meal in Sotto Mare.

When In Doubt, Consider Supporting a Restaurant For the Holidays

We are all getting a bit tired of cooking at home, right? As all of us start (safely) hosting family and friends around the holiday dinner table, think about supporting a local restaurant and forgoing the dirty dishes. The odds are good your favorite place has a vacation catering menu or gift cards available, and they are prepared to safely earn your company.

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