Everything you need to consider before Buying a Money drawer


In spite of the increased use of plastic due to the explosion of iPad POS on the retail scene, lots of individuals still like to use money for smaller purchases. Cash means cash drawers; there is not any getting away […]

In spite of the increased use of plastic due to the explosion of iPad POS on the retail scene, lots of individuals still like to use money for smaller purchases. Cash means cash drawers; there is not any getting away from them, but a money drawer is only a money drawer right? Wrong! Making certain you decide on the right one is very important to your enterprise and here is the reason.

1. Cash drawers occupy space, and we are not just referring to the physical positioning of the drawer . Don’t forget to factor in the space of ejection or you might end up trapped between an open drawer and a wall! A key advantage of iPad Point of Sale is that rather than bulky cash registers you can tackle the transaction on the iPad, meaning cash drawers can be located out of the way.

2. Consider how much use your cash drawer will get because this might indicate which variety is suitable for your business requirements.

Expecting light to moderate traffic? Then think about a standard-duty model. They normally include a guarantee of around two decades, and utilize a reliable roller-wheel suspension mechanism. This is analyzed to approximately 1 million electronic transactions or 300’000 manual ones, meaning that it ought to be an economical investment for a small to medium enterprise.

If you’re expecting — and let’s face it that is not? — to your cash drawer to be in action for the best part of every working day, then you might choose to invest in a heavy duty variety. With extended warranties and sturdy steel ball-bearing slide mechanism, they can tough out continuous use. Plus they are made to see out tens of thousands of transactions, so as long as the bucks are rolling into your cash drawer will keep rolling out.

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3. How much drawer space do you want? Make certain the variety that you select has enough space for all of the bills, coins and receipts which you expect to take — and then some! If your drawer is too small you’ll be forced to cash up more frequently, increasing the chance of mistakes and possibly security breaches. Some cash drawers have adjustable pockets, detachable coin trays and invoice hold downs. Other essential variations may have these as optional add-ons.

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4. Make sure your drawers are compatible with your POS system. Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all and you might have to thoroughly research whether your Point of Sale system works with your preferred choice of cash drawer.

5. Consider how your POS system treats cashless transactions. Some will automatically open the drawer for any sale whatever the payment method. Others maintain the drawer shut, but have incorporated media slots which let you add credit card receipts, gift cards and checks. This kind poses a much lower safety risk and is a fantastic alternative if your POS allows you to maintain the drawer closed.

6. Drawer security will fluctuate depending on variety, layout and cost, and ranges from simple manual drawer locks to complex concealed locking pockets. Safety is paramount to any company, but it will come at a price and you can expect the cost to reflect the degree of protection that you want to attain. The bulkier and heavier your cash drawer is the harder it is going to be to breach also!

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7. You’ll need to part with your hard earned money to make the purchase. With cash drawers beginning at a fiscally friendly $100 and ranging upwards to closer the $500 mark, you might need to consider your budget flexibility to produce a selection that’s ideal for your POS.

Whatever Point of Sale system you use there’s a cash drawer available for you. We hope that this report has been useful in making the proper decision for your organization.

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