Enhancing Your Payment Solution for International Clients


Nowadays, fast technological improvements have made it possible for ecommerce merchants to sell to clients from all around the planet. Targeting overseas clients is an opportunity too good to be overlooked, as it permits you to offer your services and […]

Nowadays, fast technological improvements have made it possible for ecommerce merchants to sell to clients from all around the planet. Targeting overseas clients is an opportunity too good to be overlooked, as it permits you to offer your services and products to a far wider audience than previously. But to serve these clients best, you will need to make certain you provide a superior payment experience regardless of where the client is located.


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Begin by searching for problem areas. There are two important indications that international customers are unhappy with your payment procedure. When looking at your information, you may find that in comparison to neighborhood clients, international customers have:

  1. Higher yield or chargeback rates
  2. Higher shopping cart abandonment rates

Why these problems happen, and what you can do about it

There are a number of reasons why your international customers may not go through with their purchases, or they change their minds after a payment was made. Usually, it’s either due to a lack of payment solutions provided, or an unsatisfactory checkout experience. By taking a couple of added actions to enhance the payment experience, you can be certain that your online shop is as appealing as possible to international clients.

Here are some things you can do to reduce abandonment and chargeback rates, and invite your overseas clients to make purchases on your website:

Enable multi-currency payments

1 way to fulfill your international customers is by permitting them to pay in the currency used by their credit card, without needing to pay big conversion fees. This also reduces chargebacks that may occur when a customer realizes the foreign currency payment came into a much higher total than anticipated in their community currency. Also, from time to time, a client’s payment is flagged as fraud as it was in another currency. Offering local monies will stop these problems altogether and provide a more pleasant purchasing experience.

Accept more payment types

Be certain you accept all the popular worldwide credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Other international payment procedures, such as digital wallets or mobile money, may be popular with some international clients, so those should be provided also. By accepting more payment types, you reduce the odds of losing customers who can not find their payment method at checkout.

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Make sure the payment page appears secure

According to HubSpot, safety concerns are among the primary reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Some clients will be extra cautious of an unknown website located in another country to their own. Display safety logos to show your clients your brand is trustworthy and their advice is secure. Use a payment service provider that’s PCI DSS level one certified, adhering to stringent, globally recognized security criteria.

Additionally, the plan of the checkout page may increase the sense of security that it reflects. By way of instance, a cluttered checkout page will read as insecure and insecure, whereas a cleaner layout, like the one below, reads as the polar opposite. Plus it guides the user through the checkout process better.

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Make the payment process smooth and quick

There should not be a lot of steps involved in your payment procedure. Keep it to two or three clear, simple steps. And do not ask your clients to get too much information. Entering a shipping address may be necessary, but asking for a birthday or phone number is dull. The faster the payment process, the happier the client is to finish the actions involved, and the more sales will get finished.

Therefore, always allow for a guest checkout option, so that clients are not forced to make an account with you so as to produce a payment. Based on itworks, an estimated 23 percent of shopping cart abandonments occur because of forced account creation. An over-complicated payment procedure just might be enough to put people off from buying your product.

Offer the checkout page in multiple languages

A voucher page in a foreign language will dissuade international customers from buying from you. Ensuring the page can be found in your customer’s language, free of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, will boost your chances of making a sale. Showing clients product prices in their community currency also boosts the payment experience, since they can instantly relate to the cost of the goods.

Putting these tips into practice

The simplest way to make the above mentioned improvements is to talk to your payment service provider (PSP) and learn what services they provide for merchants wishing to operate internationally. A fantastic PSP will have the ability to offer numerous payment techniques, multi-currency payments, and unsurpassable safety, all in onesingle integrated solution. The PSP will have connections with acquiring banks all around the world, allowing smoother transactions, with fewer declines, and a compact transaction approval procedure. With a better payment experience, you’re guaranteed to profit from higher sales rates and a fulfilled worldwide customer base.

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