Did you know? japanese culture facts


Japan is an island nation east of mainland Asia and is known as an interesting touristic country. What we already know about Japan? It is often believed to the Japanese judo inventions, sudoku and of course sushi. However, many travellers […]

japanese culture facts
japanese culture facts

Japan is an island nation east of mainland Asia and is known as an interesting touristic country. What we already know about Japan? It is often believed to the Japanese judo inventions, sudoku and of course sushi. However, many travellers are attracted to the big clubs, beautiful scenery and unique Japanese culture of the country. As Japan increasingly attractive to European tourists we have collected some fun, informative and funny Japanese culture facts

1.Did you know…about Japanese culture?

Sleeping accepted in the workplace is in Japan? The so-called inemuri’s, these are power naps enormously popular in Japan. Unlike the West is sleeping on the job is not associated with laziness in Japan. It just means that you’re exhausted because you’ve been working too hard. If you sleep, you should, however, be inconspicuous happen, and you have to sit upright.

Japanese call their country “Nihon” or “Nippon”? Nippon considered official term. As Nippon is used at events and on postage stamps. Nihon and Nippon have the same meaning, namely: the origin of the sun.

The capital Tokyo is one of the largest metropolises in the world?

Is Tokyo not a real city? Indeed, it is a conglomerate of cities.

Do they drive on the left side of the road in Japan?

In Japan, many people have a waterproof smartphone? A whopping 90% of Japanese mobile phones are now waterproof. If anyone knows why we like to hear.

Are earthquakes common in Japan? This is due to its location and the fact that it is a volcanic island arc.

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Japanese people find it inappropriate to blow your nose in front of others?

It’s not funny when you are greeted with a small bow in Japan? This is a polite way to greet each other in Japanese culture.

It Shintoism and Buddhism is the two main religions in Japanese culture?

The longest tunnel in the world to find in Japan? The Seikan Tunnel is almost 54 kilometres long! Of which 54 kilometres is located 23.5 kilometres from the sea. The tube connects the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido together.

Some things are not at the table, according to the Japanese chopsticks etiquette? You must not cross lay down their chopsticks on the table, as this symbolises death. The chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice stabbing is not appreciated because it signifies a funeral.

Is sumo wrestling the national sport in Japan? However, many Japanese find martial arts such as judo and karate also very important.

The Japanese Yen is the currency of Japan?

There in Japan often three times a day is eaten hot? It is mostly eaten rice, but noodles are also popular among the Japanese population.

Japanese schools have almost no cleaners employ? The students keep along with teachers clean classrooms.

Is Japan a homogeneous society? This means that there is almost no diversity is in the Japanese population. The majority of the population are ethnic Japanese.

Japanese on average the longest living worldwide? Especially the women are very old in Japan. This is probably due to the good genes in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

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Is the country full of beautiful temples? Kyoto alone, you find more than a thousand!

A big part of Japanese culture beautiful fire festivals

In Japan, it is a ritual to burn things to honour or something to celebrate. There are also lots of different fire festivals that take place annually in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, but also in smaller cities such as Nara. If you visit one of these festivals, you’re sure to see something spectacular. They are Japan not afraid of a little fire! The five best fire festivals in Japan, we have put to you one by one.

Kurama Fire Festival

This event takes place in Kyoto, at the Yuki-Jinja Shrine. From six o’clock in the evening, you can watch the parade of people’s mikoshi (palanquins) and more than 250 torches. The giant torches weigh well over 80 kilos! The festival usually ends after midnight. It is an annual event that takes place every October 22.

 Aso Fire Festival

The Aso Fire Festival is a fire festival in Kumamoto, at the Aso Shrine, which takes place throughout the month of March. The main event is the Dai Himonjiyaki the Ojo mountain on the second Saturday of March. A large Chinese symbol appears on the mountain which stands for fire. Also, a large piece of dead grass put on fire in different locations, so that the soil is fertile again. Furthermore, sway people with their torches so that there are beautiful fire circles.

Daimonji Festival

Kyoto is also Daimonji Festival (also called Gozan no Okuribi) held on August 16. This evening event Chinese symbols are formed with fire on five mountains around Kyoto. The end of summer is celebrated in this way. Tip: from the highest point of the Funaokayama Park you have the best panoramic view of the mountains.

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Sakaguchi Festival

During Sagicho Matsuri dance everyone around you wild and you see everywhere fire. On a Sunday night in mid-March, this event takes place. The festival is also called the Omihachiman no Hi-matsuri. A sag ich is a specially designed cart with a 2-meter torch and thousands of strips of red paper. The animal of the year is displayed on it. These carry them through the city Omihachiman in a large parade.

Yamayaki Festival

In Yamayaki Festival a complete hill is put on fire, what the festival is all the most spectacular. It is a New Year festival every fourth Saturday of January takes place at Mount Wakakusa near Nara. A torch is lit with sacred flame of the Kasuga Taisha Shrine. This is the base of the mountain carried by a parade of Buddhist monks who then burn the mountain, and 200 different fireworks are light and the whole hill via vat for about 30 minutes. You have the most beautiful on the festival from the city of Nara.

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