Content Asset Management with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager Assets.


1 Content Asset Management with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager Assets.1.1 Content Supply Chain with a Connected Solution1.2 Benefits of the Bounteous Connectionor1.3 The Connector in Action Content Asset Management with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager […]

Content Asset Management with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager Assets.

Content Supply Chain with a Connected Solution

Digital product media management, from creation to publication, is a complicated process that involves all stakeholders. Each group of stakeholders has their own systems and processes to manage digital product media. This includes marketers, ecommerce managers, designers, and creative agencies. This process can be frustrating, time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating because of the many systems and people involved. A content supply chain that allows each stakeholder to access the tools they know is crucial to successful integration. You can make it easier to interact with assets and free up time for site enhancements and a better customer experience.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets has been the best-of-breed solution in Digital Asset Management for years. Adobe Creative Cloud is still the best choice for rich digital asset creation. These asset management and creation solutions are great for adding value to your digital experience when integrated with Magento Commerce. The Bounteous connector for Magento Commerce and Experience Management Assets allows you to integrate to dramatically increase content velocity while creating rich digital commerce experiences.

Your team can now use Creative Cloud applications (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), to create rich digital assets. These assets can then be stored in Experience Manager’s Digital Asset Management. This will allow you to offer a great customer experience when customers make purchases in your Magento Commerce store. The Bounteous Connector uses Experience Manager Assets to be the single repository of digital assets. It allows designers to interact with the digital media that is being served alongside the products.

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Benefits of the Bounteous Connectionor

A cohesive digital experience is crucial for driving conversions to your Magento Commerce website. The connector bridges this gap by updating Magento Commerce’s built-in product management system to use Experience Manager DAM.

Adobe offers a connector called Asset link. The connector allows designers to log in to their Creative Cloud accounts and connect to Experience Manager to modify assets or upload their own assets to the DAM. Without leaving Creative Cloud, your creative team can quickly deliver assets to marketing and product management.

Similar to Asset Link the Bounteous Connector lets product managers in Magento directly refer to assets stored in Experience Manager. These same assets can be accessed by the creative team directly through Asset Link. The Bounteous Connector lets assets flow directly from your creative team to Experience Manager. This allows you to use those assets in marketing content, product listings in Magento Commerce, and other systems that reference Experience Manager assets like Adobe Campaign for marketing email.

You can use product assets for your store only or to drive traffic to your ecommerce site from your marketing site. Magento Commerce offers all the benefits of Experience Management Assets.

  • Automated creation of optimized renditions using Experience Manager Assets Ingestion steps
  • Smart Crop & Smart Tag powered By Sensei
  • Use product images in marketing-focused Experience Management components
  • Bulk sync assets
  • Support metadata and file hierarchy

The Bounteous Connector supports multiple behavior depending on your infrastructure setup. You can publish assets from Experience Manager. This is useful if you have Experience Manager Sites licensed and a public site that is being served by Experience Manager. You can use only Experience Manager Assets to have the DAM asset files ingested and served in your storefront. Whatever the use case, the connector allows product managers to access assets created by your creative team.

The Connector in Action

You can set up the connector using Experience Manager or Magento Commerce. Make sure you choose a secure password that will be shared between both systems. Once you have completed the configurations for Magento Commerce and Experience Manager, you can immediately associate your Magento products to images stored in Experience Manager.

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You can experiment with metadata. The connector allows you to natively configure metadata between Experience Manager and Magento. These values can be easily accessed in Experience Manager by the Experience Manager HTMLdata Schema editor . To help you get started, the connector code includes a customized Magento schema. You can work with your product team on identifying key data you would like to share, such as categories and keywords for searching.

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