Consumers today interact with brands in ways that can be difficult to pinpoint


Consumers today interact with brands in ways that can be difficult to pinpoint. A recent study shows that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. You must get to know your customers in order to build and optimize […]

Consumers today interact with brands in ways that can be difficult to pinpoint. A recent study shows that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. You must get to know your customers in order to build and optimize a great customer experience that does not oversell but also builds genuine relationships with them.

Customers value great customer experiences

It is possible to wonder why customers spend so much time browsing through your catalogs, adding products to their carts, and then closing the tab. Or why they take several steps to get to Point A from Point B when it should only take one.

How can you create the most memorable journey possible for your customers?

You’d have to guess which journey would be most popular for customers, or try multiple routes until you found the right one. It doesn’t have to be this way. MoEngage has worked hard to make it easy for you.

How can media & entertainment brands engage and retain millions of users efficiently?

Your audience consumes all types of content, including music, podcasts and audiobooks, TV shows, movies documentaries, news highlights, breaking news, and other media.These are millions upon millions of users, with billions of preferences.

It is not easy to get these users to buy your product. How do top Media & Entertainment brands get these users hooked up to their products? How can they increase content consumption, frequency and time spent using their apps? How can they decrease plan unsubscriptions, user churn and uninstalls as well as downgrades?

The answer is ininsight-led engagement.


The insight-led engagement growth flywheel is now available

The growth flywheel is made up of four steps. Below are detailed instructions on how to implement each step using MoEngage.

Step 1: Analyze, Predict

Step 1 of insight-led engagement: Analyze & Predict

Marketers and Product Managers of the top global Media & Entertainment brands use MoEngage Analytics to analyze users and predict behavior like:

  • The most active hour of the dayThis will allow you to predict the time your customers will use your platform. It will also help you communicate with them effectively at the right time.
  • Preferred communication channelsThis information will allow you to choose the best marketing channel for your message, including email, push notifications, text messages, social media ads, and in-app messages.
  • Content preferencesUnderstanding what your customers like to watch will allow you to make the best content recommendations to them and help increase the value of your service.
  • Probability of churnYou can predict when customers will uninstall your app, or unsubscribe to their current plan. This allows you to create retention and win-back programs at the right times







Step 2: Personalize

Step 2 of insight-led engagement: Personalize

Based on these insights and user trends, Marketers and Product Managers then use this data to send relevant content recommendations to each user, announce the latest releases, and personalize communication depending on user properties like name and location.

Personalizing your communication is a great idea. It’s a good idea, however, to view it in layers. This is how to visualize the various layers of personalization.

The different layers of personalization

Segmentation sits at the core of personalization. Your communication will be more relevant if you have a better segmentation. These steps will help you create a personalization strategy that works.

  1. Most streaming services restrict the content available based on customer preferences.Geographic locationStart your segmentation from there. This will allow you to create a superset or news articles that you can recommend.
  2. Next, use your past customer behavior on your website or mobile app to gauge your customers’ satisfaction.content affinity.It could be the one song your customer listens to every Monday morning. It could be the latest thriller film. It could be highlights from the largest Premier League match in England. It could be the article about Mars Preservation rover.
  3. Make sure your customers are happyLanguage preferenceTo communicate with them. Brands that communicate in vernacular language tend to have a higher recall than brands that don’t. The modern smartphones, laptops and desktops of today support a variety of languages.LanguagesAround 98% of the people in the world can speak fluently. Your campaigns will perform significantly better if you include the first name and contact information of your customers in any email, text message or push notification.
  4. Finally, choose theRight communication channelCustomers will not tell you which channel they prefer. This can be analyzed using data. To get a better understanding of the preferences of each customer, look at how they receive your messages.

Step 3: Engage

Step 3 of insight-led engagement: Engage

Marketers and Product Managers then use MoEngage for user engagement and to increase the pool active users. They orchestrate data-driven omnichannel journeys that increase user reachability across multiple communication channels and optimize the performance of engagement campaigns with machine learning.

MoEngage’s proprietary offering, Sherpa, enables you to pick the right time and messaging for your push notifications, emails, and text messages. MoEngage’s customer engagement platform allows you to create dynamic and static multivariate tests in order to optimize click-through rates (CTRs).


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Using MoEngage Sherpa to optimize campaign CTRs

User reachability is an important factor in successful engagement. MoEngage helps media and entertainment brands reach 40% more mobile customers than other brands. Your chances of receiving a push notification from MoEngage are lower the longer your user is inactive on your mobile application. Push Amplification+, a technology pioneered by MoEngage, ensures that push notification delivery sees up to a 50% uplift for 30-day active customers and 40% uplift for inactive customers.

Recommendation:Machine Learning was used to analyze more than 750 mobile apps campaigns and create a framework to predict push notification delivery.It can be found here.

Step 4: Keep it.

Step 4 of insight-led engagement: Retain

Finally, top Global Media & Entertainment brands’ Marketers and Product Managers keep users happy by notifying them about abandoned content, reminding them to renew their subscriptions, and announcing plans upgrades right at the right time.

Here is where having an omnichannel strategy instead of a multichannel strategy for your win-back campaigns will give you an upper hand. It’s a great way of reaching users who have uninstalled your app via text messages and email. If you have identified a user who is on the brink of giving up, use a combination email and push notifications to reach them.

Global Media & Entertainment brands have seen up to a 120% increase in subscriptions after using MoEngage to engage and retain their users through insight-led engagement. What are you waiting for?


Who is this growth flywheel?

This growth flywheel can be used by Marketing and Growth Managers, Product Managers, Customer Engagement Professionals and other professionals from these types of services to create a cascading effect that encourages engagement and retention.

  • Audio streaming brands – music, podcasts, audiobooks,
  • Video streaming brands – TV shows, web series movies, documentaries, and more
  • Digital publications and news brands
  • Brands for sports

19 ways you can leverage insight-led engagement

Here are some ways that you can use the insight led engagement approach in multiple uses cases:

Onboarding and activation

  1. Create a User Journey Flow to encourage your users to try it for free.
  2. To capture the content preferences of users (favorite TV channels, music, preferred news or sports interests), you can use in-app interstitials
  3. At regular intervals, suggest trending content that matches their preferences
  4. Notify users that their free trial is ending soon and encourage them to upgrade to premium plans.
  5. Analyze what content converts more users to paid subscriptions

Product traction and engagement

  1. Based on the content preferences of your users, send personalized content recommendations
  2. Notify users whenever a new episode of a show they are following is released or when new music is available from their favorite artists
  3. Inform your users about upcoming concerts, live tournaments, or games in the sports they are interested in.
  4. Notify someone who spends a lot of time at a jogging track to get a workout playlist.
  5. You can personalize the experience for each user by using their preferences in artist/genre and browsing history
  6. Create a “what should I watch next” or “new adds” module in your mobile app using cards that are customized for each user
  7. Notify users when their wishlists have been fulfilled (about their favourite movies/TV shows/music album/sports highlights).


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Retention and activation

  1. Notify users of content abandonment and send emails to them if they pause a video or music playlist and don’t come back within the next 24 hours
  2. Notify users to add songs and playlists to their empty playlists
  3. Notify your subscribers/churned users about the launch of a new show/movie/musical album
  4. Ask your users to give feedback when they reach content consumption goals. If they rate your app higher than 4, ask them for a lower rating on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  5. Refer the most active users and be rewarded
  6. You can identify premium subscribers who have gone dormant recently and create campaigns to stop them from churning.
  7. Email users who have removed your app, with a list containing recommended content (movies and documentaries, music playlists or newsreels) based on their watchlist.

Conclusion and next steps

Today’s consumers are willing to give their data to media streaming services and digital publications. They expect brands to use this data in a responsible manner. Insight-led engagement is a way to do this. You can use the insights from these user data to ensure that every digital micro-moment you create is highly relevant and personal for your users.

Four steps make up the insight-led engagement flywheel.

  1. Analyze and Predict
  2. Personalize
  3. Engage and
  4. Retain

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