Changes in Content Strategy during COVID-19


1 Changes in Content Strategy during COVID-191.0.1 Real-Time, Trusted Information1.0.2 Stay Connected While Social Distancing1.0.3 All Current and Future Marketing Activities1.0.4 Continue Building Your Asset Library and Sharing New Customer Content1.0.5 Preparing for the Future Changes in Content Strategy during […]

Changes in Content Strategy during COVID-19

These are uncertain and unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our daily lives and disrupting business operations around the globe. It has a significant impact on individuals, communities, and businesses all over the world.

We’re all in it together, even though there is no business as usual right this moment.

We’re constantly changing our internal operations, so we have compiled this list of actions that customers can take – both within Stackla and broadly – to help tackle this problem and prepare for the future.

Real-Time, Trusted Information

It’s more important than ever to ensure that your customers and employees are up-to-date and informed in these times of uncertainty and stress.

In today’s fast-paced media environment, misinformation is easy to spread. It is also difficult for people to quickly locate valid answers to their urgent travel and health questions.


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Many DMOs are already providing up-to-date and accurate information from local government agencies and officials on COVID-19 travel, health and business restrictions. Both the City of Sydney (Australia) and the City of Adelaide (Australia) have established centralized destinations that allow locals and tourists to access real-time information from verified social accounts of local authorities.

Stay Connected While Social Distancing

Stackla’s global team works from home. We wash our hands and don’t touch our skins, and we practice social distancing in public places for important outings. Even teams used to working in fast-paced environments and regular Zoom meetings are experiencing the anxiety, disruption and isolation of the current crisis. Businesses need to be connected with their customers and employees more than ever.

Even small acts of digital connectivity can make a big difference in times like these and foster a sense community.

You could use these tools to help you stay connected:

  • You can share employee content about how employees work from home (e.g. Photos of the home offices they have set up, tips on staying productive with distractions at home, etc.
  • Promote how your brand supports its community (e.g. Discounts it offers, funds it has created, organizations it donates to, etc.
  • Make sure you create a hashtag to highlight any brand-related efforts. Also, make sure you use terms in Stackla to search for and aggregate this content.

All Current and Future Marketing Activities

You don’t want to come across as insensitive or dismissive during a time of global crisis.

Review all activities currently being performed or planned during the pandemic and stop them.

  • Be sure that your ads don’t strike the wrong tone
  • Stop sending promotional emails to encourage group gatherings and non-essential travel
  • To reflect your COVID-19 message, update your social posts and rights requests language

Continue Building Your Asset Library and Sharing New Customer Content

Your marketing campaigns may be on hold but that doesn’t mean your content library should stop growing.

In fact, it is easy to aggregate and leverage user-generated content (UGC), which can be a cost-effective and timely way to ensure that all content channels are kept fresh and trustworthy in difficult times. People trust others more than brands and look to their peers for inspiration and hope in difficult times.

This time can be used to optimize your UGC content engine, and to share authentic employee and customer content with your audience.

  • Highlight your loyal customers and new ways people use your products. Showcase how your employees keep positive and give back to those in need.
  • Reexamine your search terms. Are they still relevant today? Do you know of any other content categories that might be relevant?
  • Make sure to take the time to delete unneeded content and to train Copilot on what content you don’t want
  • Set up Automation Rules to streamline content workflows. You can even create rules to remove sensitive keywords such as COVID-19.
  • Find out about new social networks that could allow you to aggregate content

Preparing for the Future

We don’t know the end date of this pandemic, but it is a good time to prepare to run once it is over.

Reevaluating your processes and priorities can help you make the most of this opportunity. Consider what your brand will be focusing on in a time of recovery. Are the campaigns that you have halted still a priority after a pandemic?

  • Preparing your social calendars is a good idea for the coming months
  • Plan sales and promotions for times of recovery, when things feel more normal and for when you are ready to sell.
  • These upcoming campaigns will be set up in Stackla by setting up search terms

While these may seem trivial and insignificant things to be focused on when the world is in turmoil, we will all get through it together. It is possible to lower our anxiety levels by taking daily actions, planning ahead, and keeping busy. This will help us keep our spirits up, reduce our worries, and prepare us for the future.

We’ll get through it together, one day at a.m.


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