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Antigua Guatemala is the most popular place for tourists, backpackers and independent travellers. One reason that the place is popular because it is an ideal city, for example, learn Spanish. In addition to the language schools, the city has several attractions […]

Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is the most popular place for tourists, backpackers and independent travellers. One reason that the place is popular because it is an ideal city, for example, learn Spanish. In addition to the language schools, the city has several attractions and the wide choice of overnight accommodation and dining.


Antigua is a World Heritage Site and a typical colonial city that is getting to be maintained thanks to tourist dollars. Many of the attractions in the city are also the old colonial buildings.

Churches and cathedrals

You will find several beautiful old churches in the city such as the Cathedral of San Jose, or the golden painted La Merced This building is a beautiful arrangement on the outside and worth a visit. The churches and cathedrals are mostly free to visit. Also interesting to visit the ruins of the original cathedral of the city. For this, you have to pay Qz and costs $ 40, – a ruin.


After your photos at Antigua then sits there often in the picture above. During a walk of fifteen minutes, you can walk to this view point with a very beautiful panorama of the city. In good weather, you can well see the surrounding volcanoes and mountains.

Museums in Antigua Guatemala

The former convent Capuchinas is now one of the most interesting museums in the city. Check out the beautiful buildings and get an idea of how people used to live. There are several other museums in the city such as the Santiago museum with furniture from the colonial era and the Book Museum with old books.

Learn Spanish

Antigua is also a popular city to learn Spanish. There is a wide choice of language schools that are relatively inexpensive. It is possible to arrange your lessons on the spot instead of all in the Netherlands or Belgium; an additional advantage is that it also works out cheaper often arrange your school to qualify and they can preview here.

Climbing Volcano

Would you rather do something active? Then you’re in Antigua as well. There are several volcanoes around the city, but the most spectacular to climb is undoubtedly the volcano Pacaya. Until a few years ago you could still find flowing lava here. Meanwhile, not to see, but it makes the volcano no less spectacular. During a trip of about 1.5 hours drive to the volcano and cock your other tourists in the city. Then you walk on a tour of two hours up the mountain and down. The volcano was several years ago. Also a target of criminals and raids were arranged a place. Also, this place is now guarded by armed men on horses. The walk up you can make only (daytime) all opinions differ about the relative safety of the walk in a group.

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Remaining at Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is also a good place to shop for souvenirs or simply to make the good use of all tourist infrastructure. The markets in the city are also fun to walk over it. Much Maya stuff from the surrounding villages is sold here. There are many things to see around the main square in the city. On weekends there is more to around the main square.


There is Antigua a very large choice of accommodations. For the independent traveller on a budget, there are around 20 places where you can choose from. Almost all of them are within walking distance of downtown and often have a common area such as the roof. Some hostels and guesthouses offer extras such as free Wi-Fi or a weekly barbeque or cocktail evening. If you want to stay a long time in Antigua to learn Spanish, then choose most people. This will give you: the opportunity to practice more your Spanish.

Please note that prices at the weekend are higher than during the week. At the weekend people come from out of town amongst others to action. This increase of people ensures that you sometimes sharply pay more for a room in the centre. The advantage is that it is much cosier pressure in the city at the weekend.

Food and drink at Antigua Guatemala

It will not surprise you that Antigua also has a wide selection of dining options. You can get bagels for breakfast, lunch with smoothies and Italian for dinner. But of course, there is also a wide selection of restaurants offering local food. Prices are by the many tourists higher than in the rest of the country. Want to save money choose the hostel where you can cook for yourself or eat outside the immediate city centre. There are several pubs and bars including an Irish bar. These are the days of the week but open weekends when all language students are free is booming. Due to local regulations, however, they must have been close at 1:00 AM, so the party starts early. Please note, though Antigua is relatively safe, it is not recommended to just go down the street in the dark. So you need to take a taxi to your hotel, hostel or host family in a remote area. Always make sure that you remain in the streets where plenty of people are walking around that you can attract attention in case of problems. Even better is not only walk around on the streets. See also the information under the heading of safety. Besides the restaurants, Antigua also has a very tasty sandwich. Worth eleven steps or what to order. You can also eat and drink the cheapest in the larger supermarkets sit there. If your Spanish is not good or are you just arrived in Guatemala than to watch out for smaller shops. They have no qualms about asking a multiple of the normal price. McDonald’s in Antigua is unique in its kind. With dining table and little atmosphere seems all this except McDonald’s.

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Transportation from Antigua

Antigua is just an hour by bus from Guatemala City. You can take a direct minibus from the airport to Antigua. Although this is about ten times as expensive as a normal bus, this is a must. Given the crime, in Guatemala City, your jet lag and all your luggage will arrive as safely as possible in Antigua. The regular chicken bus from Guatemala City takes about an hour. Go from Antigua chicken buses to many places in the country like Panajachel (Lake Atitlan). Sometimes you also have the choice of tourist buses. If you have the choice, it is advisable to arrive during the day in Guatemala. In addition to the insecurity of crime is the traffic in the night even more dangerous than daytime. Cars drive through the mountain roads without lights and cars with bad luck may centre on the road. These cars were all with daylight they are hard to spot, but at night at all. Moreover, it is not recommended for late evening and late night travel. This is not to say that it is not possible, but occasionally there are also robberies on buses. Always check the latest status and consider the potential risks. In the city itself, you can easily walk all. The city is great, but when you have a bit of route maps out the sights you want to see, you can reach everything on foot.

Safety in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is relatively safe. With common sense, you can secure trip plans in and around the city. Several years ago, the city and its surroundings were a reasonable reputation among tourists. Robberies came with regularity. This has meant that many tourists stay away. Therefore, the crime is tackled, where possible tightly. At least at first glance, because we do not have figures. Everywhere on the streets where tourists can also find heavily armed men around. As with any cash machine. Also on the entire route to the famous viewpoint over the city are men to protect the tourists. It seems to have success because fewer incidents seem to fail.

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Still, it remains important always to be vigilant and not to look at the issues. Avoid having to wander through the city at night. You can not help but leave the street, make sure you’re with several people. Course as well as possible with your valuables and leave them at home as much as possible. The camera is not a problem, but the classic “tourist” look with your brand new camera on your stomach might be less sensitive.

Once in Antigua, you should not remain too busy with the (in) security. There is plenty to see in the city, and it all feels pretty safe to. Use serrated healthy and stay alerted. Does not it feel good, do not!

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