8 ways to win’generation Y’ Clients


As we age, our clients get younger. Generation Y, born between 1982 and 2000, offer online retailers opportunities and challenges. Here are eight tips to get younger shoppers. 1 1. What Worked 10 Years Ago Does Not Work as Well […]

As we age, our clients get younger. Generation Y, born between 1982 and 2000, offer online retailers opportunities and challenges. Here are eight tips to get younger shoppers.

1. What Worked 10 Years Ago Does Not Work as Well Today

You have probably been sending your clients weekly or monthly promotions through email since the early 2000s; social media did not exist then. It is unlikely you have the exact customers on your database now, further, email open rates have diminished. Generation Y favor text messages and seldom open emails.

  • Tip. Produce an SMS marketing platform. SMS is excellent for confirming appointments, announcing store openings, 24-hour flash sales, competitions, events, and other special offers.

2. Prefer Businesses That Make a Difference

Generation Y are altruistic and enjoy making an impact in society. A business that helps others is one they are more inclined to support. “Green” credentials and”giving back,” whether it is to a charity or another philanthropic movement, appeals to them.

  • Tip. If you sell anything that’s handmade, recycled, up-cycled, reused or produced locally — and in case you’ve got a charity or philanthropic effort — emphasize this in your own promotions.

3. Small Is Beautiful; Community Is Wonderful

Generation Y roll their eyes in firms claiming to be the”top XYZ” or”the greatest.” They support the underdog, the”under-the-radar” brand, the local artisan, along with other young entrepreneurs. Do not lie about your popularity. It is fine to be a one-person business. 1 reason Etsy has done so well is its strong sense of community of artisans, which appeals greatly to production Y clients.

  • Tip. Share a personal story about why you created your business on your About Us page. Strive for a feeling of community with clients.
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4. Craft Your Message in 140 Characters or Less

Get to the point. Generation Y skim-read copy, listen to sound bites, and are exceptionally image-aware. Capture their imagination with a pithy 140-character pitch to get a website paragraph, Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram entrance, or SMS message. Use emotive, enticing word-picture adjectives to create desire for your product offering.

  • Tip. Create pithy copy for social media. Each post should include your site address and call to actions.

5. Respond in Five Minutes

Generation Y are notoriously easily distracted. Capture them swiftly while they are still in search mode. Apparently 82 percent of those aged 18 to 29 have mobile phones within ten feet of them constantly. Text back immediately or they will think you are not serious about your company.

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  • Tip. Responding to a production Y client’s SMS query via text within five minutes raises her probability of doing business with you by 900 percent.

6. Image Conscious

The visual Generation Y upgrade their photographs on social media on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Online retailers with regularly refreshed pictures and user-submitted content rating well together.

  • Tip. How often do you add to refresh your pictures? What applications and platforms do you use to encourage customers to provide photos of your merchandise?

7. Use Photos to Win the Sale

Use multimedia advertising services to showcase, in a text message, how you can solve their problem. You could attach a picture of your product, an attachment, your store front, your hours, a calendar, or QR code, for examples.

  • Tip. Use a multimedia advertising firm like Twilio, Skycore, or Mobipost to receive your exemplified message out.
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8. Generation Y Has Money; Avoid Low Prices

While Baby Boomers may have the greatest incomes total, Generation Y (many of whom reside at home) spend more money on a discretionary basis than Baby Boomers. Nobody wants to waste money, but do not assume that younger clients can’t afford your services and products.

  • Tip. For those who get a fully-booked calendar, or your customers tell you how reasonable your prices are, or they sign up quickly, or they are astounded your prices include free shipping, and free setup, then your prices can be too low.

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