5 Productivity Tools to Help You Concentrate


Being productive is not about the things you do. It is about the things you don’t do. By eliminating distracting tasks like following people on social networking or checking your email every five minutes, you will have the ability to […]

Being productive is not about the things you do. It is about the things you don’t do. By eliminating distracting tasks like following people on social networking or checking your email every five minutes, you will have the ability to accomplish more high-level tasks and move your company forward much faster.

But this can be easier said than done. While it’s possible to fix to swear off email or YouTube for another hour, really doing it might turn out to be bit more challenging because those websites are merely a couple clicks away.

Fortunately, there are a few online tools and mobile apps that may police your productivity and keep you on track.

Cold Turkey

There are plenty of website blocking apps and plugins, but few are as strong as Cold Turkey. Similar to other website blockers, Cold Turkey prevents you from seeing specific websites for any given time period. What is great about Cold Turkey is that, unlike other browser plugins or apps, this program enforces a computer-wide block so that you won’t have the ability to get away with seeing forbidden websites by simply switching browsers. Cold Turkey also survives reboots and will keep on running even if you restart your PC. This tool is not as easy to kill as the others ; you can not prevent it from the system tray or task supervisor.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey works in a”pay what you need” system in which you decide how much you believe the app is worth. Better still, a proportion of the cost will be sent to the Against Malaria Foundation. On top of helping to be more effective, using this app will also assist people in need.

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If you would like to go beyond blocking websites and are searching for analytics about productivity and time, then consider RescueTime.

Apart from providing tools like site blocking, notifications, and action monitoring, RescueTime lets you create activity summaries in addition to comprehensive reports about the time you spent on applications and sites. These reports provide insights about ways to enhance productivity and time management.


RescueTime includes a free lite version with limited capabilities. To benefit from its whole set of features, choose the premium version that costs $9 a month or $72 each year.


Can you check email every few minutes? Then you might want to try AwayFind.


This tool does not block off email completely. On the contrary, it re-routes and re-prioritizes your messages based on significant senders and topics. As an example, if you are expecting an urgent email from a client or vendor, you can configure AwayFind to send an alert only once you get a message from the person you specified.

Are you meeting with customers and need alerts for program changes? AwayFind includes a calendar which notifies you of emails that are related to upcoming events or meetings.

AwayFind presents individual plans that begin at $4.99 per month. For your whole company, choose one of those business plans that begin at $10 per user per month.

Coffee Break

Bear in mind that taking breaks can also be important if you wish to keep productive. All work and no play results in burnout and diminished attention. All work can be just as damaging as spending some time on mindless and distracting actions. The important thing is to strike a healthy balance between serious work and down time. You have to know when to stop typing or when to put your phone down and catch a rest.

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That is where Coffee Break comes in. Available on the Mac App Store, this program enables you to program your coffee break — and helps to ensure that you take it. It is a mechanism that simply refuses to do anything else till you break your eyes and have a rest.

Coffee Break

Just schedule your day, set your break time and length, then begin the countdown. If your break arrives, your monitor will go dark and will just light back up again after your recess is over.

The app is $2.99 on the Mac App Store.


Nozbe is a team organizational and productivity app that will help you and your staff members remain on track. After all, distractions do not just come in the kind of cat movies or gossip. Sometimes people can get too caught up with simply organizing their jobs or focusing on non-urgent duties.


But thanks to Nozbe, you can organize your tasks into manageable projects and discuss them with the rest of your team so you can all work together. The app also lets you see jobs in a calendar, to understand which ones to prioritize.

Nozbe begins $8 per month. Based upon your requirements, you can go for a Personal, Family, or Team program.

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