5 Best Payment Gateways For Magento 2


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5 Best Payment Gateways For Magento 2

Every webstore should have a secure and reliable payment gateway. It reduces the risk of fraud online, facilitates smooth transactions, and is easy to manage. Magento lets you set up a number of payment escapes.

The success of your Magento business and the security of your payments can be determined by choosing the right one.

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This article will provide information on five Magento 2 payment gateways. We will mostly refer to Magento 2 because many merchants are transitioning to it or already have.

  • PayPal.
  • SagePay.
  • WorldPay.
  • Klarna.
  • Adyen.

Let’s first look at the basics of Magento payments.


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What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a technology that acts as a bridge between your bank account and the customer’s. Its key characteristics include the ability to speed up transactions and make them secure. Payment gateways offer many payment options, including Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and credit and debit cards.

What is the Payment Gateway?

Let’s look at how each Magento payment gateway works in slomo. These steps are only necessary in real life.

Magento payments begin with the customer initiating a check-out by pressing a button that says “Pay now”. This is how each payment gateway is activated.

The system first checks with the customer bank to see if the shopper has enough money. Is the amount of the payment going to exceed their credit limit or not? If all is well, the payment gateway will connect with the card scheme (e.g. Visa or Mastercard) that requested the transaction.

After that, the Magento payment gateway transmits encrypted information to merchant’s website. The Magento payment processing is complete. Data then goes to the acquiring banks which transfers funds from customer’s account to business’s.


Magento Payment Methods

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about Magento’s payment options. It is important to know how payment methods differ from payment gateways.

A payment gateway connects all parties to enable Magento payment processing services. While a payment method allows a merchant to collect money, such as cash, credit/debit card, and mobile payment options like Apple Pay, a payment method is a way for a merchant to collect money.

In Magento, payment methods include bank transfers, check, money orders and cash on delivery. These are the default Magento payments methods. We will discuss Magento 2 payment options that are supported by each payment gateway in the following sections.

Magento 2 Payment Fees

Magento 2 allows shop owners to add additional charges to the payment methods they choose. Magento 2 Payment Fees Extension allows you to add additional charges to your chosen payment methods. Magento 2 payment fees can be:

  • Charges for product.
  • Category fees
  • There are no order fees
  • There are no payment fees

Magento 2 store owners can charge multiple payment fees based on a percentage for the same product.

The company does not charge Magento transaction fees. All fees are charged by the Magento payment gateways provider. In the next section, we will discuss their prices in greater detail.

Comparison of the Best Magento Payment Gateways

Four main criteria will be used to analyze Magento 2 payment gateways:

  • Supported Magento Payment methods
  • Security features
  • Pricing
  • Attractive Features


This payment gateway is the default Magento 2 payment gateway. PayPal currently has over 377 million accounts around the world, making it the largest company in the world. PayPal Pro is the payment gateway provider for businesses. This will work well for both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises.

Payment methods. PayPal can accept American Express, Mastercard Visa, Venmo and PayPal Credit. It also accepts bank transfers and phone payments. In-person payments are possible in 26 currencies from 202 nations. You can also send money to your email address.

Security. This Magento Payment Gateway offers advanced encryption, 24 hour monitoring, email confirmations, and two-factor authentication.

Pricing. The monthly price for a PayPal Pro subscription is $35. There will be a 2.9% transaction fee and fixed fees (EUR0.35 for Europe, USD0.30 for USA) for domestic transactions.

Highlight Features. You can personalize your checkout process and design the checkout page with PayPal Pro. You can configure your account however you wish. The Magento payment gateway works with all devices. Invoices can be sent to any device, including your tablet, mobile phone or computer.

Contrary to popular belief, your customer does not need a PayPal account in order to make Magento payments through your website. PayPal is the fastest payment gateway in Magento 2 and worldwide.

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SagePay (Opayo).

Opayo is now the new name for SagePay, another payment gateway that Magento 2 supports. This payment gateway for Magento is accepted by 25+ currencies and is recognised by all major banks and credit card companies. SagePay can be integrated into Magento 2 and is an excellent option for European-based businesses. It’s also a UK company.

Payment methods. Magento2 SagePay supports Mastercards, Visas, American Express, Maestro and a few other global payment networks such as Discover, Sofort and Giropay.

Security. This Magento payment provider offers information encryption and address verification. It also has a 3D secure tool, an enhanced fraud screening tool, and a trained tool to detect anomalies while reviewing your customers’ data.

Pricing. SagePay charges 2.5% transaction fees for all major credit card brands and a flat fee at PS25 ($32) + tax per month for upto 333 transactions

Highlight Features. SagePay offers a virtual terminal that allows you to handle manual and refund payments. SagePay, like PayPal, is very customizable. You can design your SagePay checkout form and redirect customers to another page, or the reverse, to keep their journey seamless.


WorldPay is the UK’s largest payment provider and next payment gateway that can be integrated into Magento 2. The Magento 2 payment gateway accepts payments in 120 currencies worldwide. It has been available for more than 25 years. It is suitable for all businesses.

Payment methods. Magento2 Worldpay lets you use credit and debit cards like American Express MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and Discover. It supports PayPal payments, gift cards, and digital wallets compatible to Magento 2 (Apple Pay and Google Pay).

Security. Worldpay is supported by Magento 2. Worldpay has a security feature that monitors transactions and alerts merchants if there are any suspicious activity. The secure servers of this Magento payment gateway allow for safe transfer of sensitive card information.

Pricing. Worldpay has a tiered pricing model. Gateway Standard costs PS19 ($25), Gateway Advanced is PS45 ($58), or Gateway Enterprise. You should discuss the price with the company.

Worldpay’s prices are higher than average for the industry. Many merchants blame Worldpay’s unexpected fees and insufficient upfront pricing. Before you sign up for this payment gateway, do your research.

Standout Features. Magento2 Worldpay comes with great features such as an analytics and reporting tool called WorldpayIQ. Merchants can view their payment history, view sales reports, and track their payments. The Magento payment gateway offers a gift card program.


Klarna is a Swedish payment gateway and one of Europe’s largest. It serves 60 million people across 14 countries.

Payment methods. Klarna accepts all debit and credit cards, except prepaid ones: Visa, Discover and AMEX.

Security. Klarna is one of the most secure Magento payment options. Klarna ensures that all users undergo credit card checks before opening accounts.

Pricing. Klarna has different pricing for different markets. The flat fee for US businesses is $0.30. There are percentage fees ranging from 3.29% up to 5.99%. Merchants in the UK pay 2.49% + 20p ($0.30 per transaction).

Highlight Features. Klarna has more payment options than any other Magento 2 payment gateways. Your customers can pay in small amounts with this Magento 2 payment gateway. If they purchase a large item, shoppers can send payments within 30 days.

Klarna will pay you upfront if your customers fail to pay their bills. Visit their website for more information on Klarna installments.


Adyen, a Dutch company, offers many finance-related services. One of these is being a Magento 2 payment gateway. Adyen is well-known in Europe, but it is also available in the USA, Canada, Australia and Brazil. Adyen has been eBay’s main partner for payment processing since 2018. Large businesses will find this Magento 2 payment gateway to be an excellent fit.

Payment methods. Adyen has almost 80 payment options, including major debit cards and credit cards.

Security. Magento’s payments provider offers two encryption options: Point-to–Point Encryption which is the standard for payment card industry, and its own End–to-End Encryption. This one is more secure and requires less effort, so it prevents anyone from accessing sensitive payment data. Adyen also has an AI-powered risk system that makes Magento payments safer for your clients.

Pricing. Adyen’s monthly fees are determined by your country, region and payment method. The payment gateway charges a percentage fee of 0.6% per transaction and a fee for payment methods (from 0.12%). Adyen does not charge any monthly or annual fees.

Standout features. Adyen can also be customized. It is a great choice for both business-to-business and business to business. You can set up Magento recurring payments and create your own payment flows. Adyen is highly developer-oriented. This means that you might need to hire a skilled tech specialist to integrate the payment gateway into Magento 2.

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway in Magento 2

Even if you choose to use PayPal as your default payment method, adding new payment gateways in Magento 2 can take time. Go to your admin panel and change Magento 2 payment options. Follow this link: Stores > Configuration > Sales.

You will be prompted to fill out a few sections after you press ‘Configure. These are the most important.

Requirements for PayPal Settings

Enter your email address, API Username and API Password. API Signature is required.

Basic Settings

Select the title that shoppers will see when they check out, then select the appropriate payment action. Also, choose PayPal’s position in the list.

Advanced Settings

Allow PayPal to be displayed in your shopping cart. You can also enable PayPal in other countries. You can set options for asking customers their billing address. You can also determine when customers need to sign a billing agreement.

You will then need to complete the PayPal Billing Agreement Settings’, Settlement Report Settings’ and â€?Frontend Experience Settings’.

You can hire a Magento 2 developer to assist you in the installation of this and other Magento 2 payment gateways. Many of these are not available by default, so it can be challenging to integrate them, especially if your skills aren’t up-to-the-mark. Magento development agencies can help you choose Magento payment plugin or Magento payment integration service. This will make your checkout easy and secure.


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Your conversions can be greatly improved by the checkout process. You can make your checkout process more efficient by using custom Magento development.


It is not an easy task to choose the best Magento payment option. It is important to find out where your customers are located, what payment methods they use, and what their financial habits are. All of this must be in line with your business goals.

We are always available to help with any questions or practical concerns. Reach out to us immediately.