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4 Must-Have Kiosk Peripherals


Everywhere you look, in just about any market, kiosks have become permanent fixtures. From picture printing, to travel, to retail and hospitality, kiosks now play a vital role in everyday life, and supply invaluable tools that help business owners grow […]

Everywhere you look, in just about any market, kiosks have become permanent fixtures. From picture printing, to travel, to retail and hospitality, kiosks now play a vital role in everyday life, and supply invaluable tools that help business owners grow their bottom lines.

Kiosks themselves can provide a vast assortment of abilities, but with the ideal peripherals, the performance of your technology can be expanded to assist you attain a more compact, efficient operation.


A number of must-have peripherals include:

1. Card Readers

More frequently, you will find kiosks used in retail and restaurant configurations for self-service purposes. Clients enter orders or scan things, and kiosks act as virtual options for many jobs, managing transactions and monitoring sales for company owners.

For kiosks to operate in this setting however, they need to be equipped with card readers so that clients can easily pay after they are ready. Card readers are crucial for any businesses that manage transactions since credit cards are still the most popular payment method.

For security purposes, it’s vital that your card reader is equipped to manage EMV, in addition to magnetic stripe cards for clients that have not changed to chip cards. A money input is also great for customers that prefer to not carry cards. If your customers pay in an assortment of ways, start looking for flexible payment options for kiosk peripherals.

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2. Receipt Printers

Quite often, particularly with hospitality and retail operations, clients are utilizing self-service kiosks to place orders and pay for them. Receipt printers are necessary peripherals to safeguard your transactions can run easily and clients are happy. Particularly for big purchases or food products, clients want receipts in their transactions as additional reassurance and for record-keeping.

Not only can receipt printers ensure your guests get the experiences they were anticipating, receipt printers also can assist you in your marketing efforts. They publish more than just the items purchased and amounts paid–they could print coupons, promotions, ads and more on customer receipts.

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3. Sound and Video Capabilities

Not all clients are the same in regards to what they can and can’t use, and your kiosk peripherals should cater to all of your customers. Speakers and audio capabilities help vision-impaired guests utilize kiosks more readily with guided commands. You may even add a discreet headset jack. This may be especially beneficial in high-traffic and noisy surroundings.

Video and interactive displays are fantastic for catering to hearing-impaired guests. The movie capabilities have the additional advantage of enabling image menus to make product selections easier. By offering technology that’s both dependable and accessible, you may enhance the total customer experience and delight your guests.

4. Touchscreens

No kiosk is complete without a touchscreen. Touchscreens mimic the smart-style interface which clients are familiar with, and they’re more intuitive and engaging than non-touch display screens.

Because of smart devices, most clients already know and are familiar with browsing touch-centric displays which are generally found on self-service kiosks. These screens behave as interactive devices to help guide customers through menus and help them with placing orders or buying items.

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Not only do touchscreens make it possible for customers to see photos of products and offerings, they could create endless aisles for retailers, and can integrate with the POS for an online retail experience. And of course, kiosks can be used to leverage upselling and cross-selling prompts, and make it simple for clients to click on supplies and see more info.

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The Appropriate Kiosk Peripherals to Your Needs

Kiosks are just growing in popularity across several industries where customer service plays any significant role. Helping to save on labour costs and automate routine tasks, kiosks are cost-effective solutions that help business owners improve their consumer experience and grow their bottom lines. To achieve this, ensure that your solution has all of the kiosk peripherals you want to guarantee business success.

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