9 Reasons Your Magento 2 One-page Checkout Doesn’t Work


The checkout page is without doubt the most important page on any eCommerce website. It is the place where customers make the final decision about whether or not to buy the product. A report shows that 60% of online shoppers will […]

The checkout page is without doubt the most important page on any eCommerce website. It is the place where customers make the final decision about whether or not to buy the product.

A report shows that 60% of online shoppers will abandon your online store if they don’t have enough money or are not ready to purchase.

To simplify the checkout process and decrease cart abandonment, almost all eCommerce websites have a one page checkout.

If you have already configured the Magento 2 One-page Checkout but your checkout experience is not satisfactory, don’t panic. We’re here to help.

This article will discuss all the potential drawbacks and mistakes that your checkout page could make and how to fix them to improve your store’s conversion rate.


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Let’s get started!


One-page checkout, also known as one-step checkout, refers to the checkout which is done using one page. It collects all information about the order, including shipping and billing addresses, total order, product details and payment methods, on one page.

This is in contrast to multi-step checkout which is a checkout divided into multiple steps (usually 3-5 steps).

One-page checkout aims to make the checkout process easy and quick for customers. Store owners will be able to sell more.



Despite the fact that one page checkout is the best checkout method, many store owners make mistakes and lose customers during the checkout process.

Those mistakes are:

Advertising. It can be exhausting to search for and choose products. You risk causing your potential customer to return to the search and choose process by showing them banners or advertising messages with attractive products. They might not go back to the checkout page anytime soon.

Questions and polls. You shouldn’t ask customers questions about their purchases or feedback on the checkout page.

Registering. Some stores require customers to create an account in order to complete their purchase. It is a huge mistake, as creating an account involves many steps and fields to fill out. This extra work will only lead to cart abandonment rates that are higher.

After the payment has been processed, ask your customers to create an account.

No Auto-fill. Customers should be able to reduce manual fill as much possible. The location should be automatically identified after the postal code has been entered.

The shipping and billing addresses will almost always be the same in most cases. It is possible to set up the checkout page to automatically fill in the shipping address after the billing address or give the customer a button that allows them to do this.


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Unexpected extra cost. Imagine a customer finding something they like, and then being forced to pay extra for delivery. It will be the most horrible feeling.

You should indicate the cost of delivery if it is not included in your search results. Don’t keep any additional costs secret. If delivery costs are higher during holidays, tell customers at the search phase and not in the checkout process about these additional costs.

Get special offers for customers. Customers who do not have the right to such special pricing will be turned away if you propose them.

It is better to eliminate those fields and make those deals visible only to those customers who are eligible.

Payment methods for shortage. It’s a big disappointment for customers when they want to purchase but cannot because there is no payment method.

It is a requirement that your online store supports all major payment methods.

Customers will not continue to the checkout page if their payment fees are more than common fees, or higher than what they anticipate.

No mobile version. Nowadays, most eCommerce activities happen on mobile devices. Mobile devices are becoming more popular than ever.


Limitations for default Magento 2 One-page Checkout. Although Magento 2 has made the checkout process easier, it’s still not perfect.

Although it’s called the one-page checkout it is actually a 2-step checkout. This means that it isn’t organized well. Customers must go back and forth in order to modify their shipping information or preferences.

The default Magento checkout design is not attractive, which can cause cart abandonment.

It doesn’t even allow customers to create an accounts on the checkout page.

Another problem is the lack of customization options.


Store owners often install extensions to improve the checkout experience and overcome any potential errors.

Customers and store owners are both interested in a third-party module. Both customers and store owners will benefit from its many unique features. Customers will be able to check out quicker and more comfortably. Store owners will also see better conversion rates.

There are many Magento 2 one-step checkout options available if you do a market search.

We have conducted extensive research and tested various modules to help you make the right choice.

Magento 2 One-Step Checkout by BSS


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Magento 2 One-Step Checkout by BSS provides the best solution to optimize your checkout page. This extension will help you fix all problems in your checkout.

You can show all required checkout blocks (shipping and payment methods, order summary, shipping address, shipping method, etc.) on one page. All necessary checkout blocks (shipping address, shipping and payment method, order summary, etc.) can be displayed on one page.

You can also customize the style and order of these checkout blocks to make your checkout page more attractive and eye-catching.

For faster checkout and better customer service, the module also includes an autofill feature.

Another cool feature is the address auto-detect. Google API will detect and suggest addresses to customers. Customers can then quickly and easily complete shipping and billing information.

Customers can also choose their delivery date and leave messages.

Also, the gift block is amazing. For a small fee, customers can leave a note to the recipient and request gift wrapping.

It supports all four Magento payment methods including, Braintree and Credit Card.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension supports important features that are missing in default Magento.

Customers can, for example, create a customer account and edit the product quantity at checkout.

The administrator can also create a discount code box for customers to redeem the code.

Last, but not least: this module is responsive on all devices.

It is important to mention that BSS, which is the extension’s development team, is well-known for their exceptional customer service. They will respond quickly to any problems you may have with the extension.


  • Lightning setup with unlimited customization.
  • Elastic checkout with multiple addresses, and automatic GeoIP detection
  • Fully geared to RESTful API or GraphQL API.
  • Plug-n’-Play compatibility.
  • GEOIP, Order Delivery and Checkout Custom Fields are all compatible.
  • Compatibility with most popular payment methods. Free support for highlight themes.
  • All Magento themes supported